Autumn Baby/Toddler Fashion Buys

Autumn Baby/Toddler Fashion Buys


Autumn is here and with it brings the time to wrap up our babes in faux fur trimmed coats and knitted delights. Teeny toes will be kept warm in little boots and heads topped with woolly hats.

Below are some of my recent Autumnal additions to our little ladies wardrobe.



F&F Kids Tesco £20





































This coat fills me with memories of old school festive films with little girls running around with buttoned up winter coats, patent shoes and a beret.


This is a dark navy blue long coat with black shiny buttons and a fur trim. It has velvet edging on the cuffs and pockets and a pleat down the back. Sounds amazing already right? Well hold your fashion horses, because it gets better. This coat is a navy blue tweed. A sparkle tweed. SPARKLE. TWEED. Oh I want one!


This coat is nothing short of perfection and an absolute bargain at £20. To sum this coat up just try to imagine Miracle on 34th streets Susan Walker mixed with some sparkly Chanel esque chic. Need I say more?



Catherine Malandrino mini £9.99 – TK Maxx










This set caught my eye because of its unusual colour and amazing shaped skirt. It is a dress which is white at the top and the skirt part is a dusky mauve with a giant bow in the middle. The skirt part is made in a quilted fabric which is embossed with a leaf like pattern. The bottom of the dress is cut so it bellows out.

It comes with black leggings which at first I wasn’t sure would compliment it well enough, but they actually set off the dress perfectly.

In love. And a bargain. Will definitely be hunting down more Catherine Malandrino Mini outfits from now on.



Mamas & Papas £16 (Cardigan) and £12 (Jeans)




I will talk about these two as if they were an outfit as I think that’s what the fashion gods intended them to be. (But for all your technical folk out there- they are separate items.)

This at first seemed an unlikely colour choice for a autumn fashion look as they do have a coral edge, but after paring them together and teaming them with brown boots and a white tshirt, I realised I was wrong. The colours evoke thoughts of pumpkins and bonfires and autumnal walks in leaf filled lanes. Tres cute.

IMG_2395 IMG_2397 IMG_2393

The jeans are soft and stretchy and have front and back pockets (You know for all those things a toddler needs to carry around with them- sweets, lint, your car keys etc..). The button has a & symbol on and they are lined at the top with a cute pattern. They are called Red on the label, but they are not a festive red. A steal at £12. Mamas & Papas seemed to have finally brought their pricing in line with the rest of the baby industry. Yay.


IMG_2387 IMG_2388

The cardigan I have already brought in a blue and red striped version twice. Yes twice. I have it for our little lady in the 12-18 for now, and it went it the sale so I brought it in 2-3 for the future. Yes I love it that much, and yes I am that sad. This one is obviously in the red/coral colour, with a blue bow. It is so soft and fastens at only the neck so perfect to wear with dresses and less buttons for Mom to fasten! Bonus! £16 which is cheaper than the blue version and great quality (100% Cotton) as always with Mamas & Papas.



Next Rabbit Blouse £12

IMG_2423 IMG_2420 IMG_2415

This shirt is cream and it is covered in bunnies. (Next seem to have a bunny phase going on at the moment and I am not unhappy about it.) It is almost peplum shaped and pleated at the bottom. It has buttons running all the way up the back (only downside is fastening them all with a 14 month old who’s recently learnt to walk!), which look cute.

It is perfect for layering up on those cold days or teaming with some cute leggings or tights.


Next Drop Hem Grey Jumper £11


IMG_2404 IMG_2408


This cardigan/jumper comes with a vision in my head. Cute leggings, wellington boots, little top and this cardie. Oh and a big wooly hat with pom poms to match. Yes I have envisioned the whole outfit.

This is so soft. Feels like angora/cashmere (it isn’t which is good as our little one is allergic! Like momma like daughter!). It is lightweight and snugly and they do it in lots of colours. Love the drop hem to keep those bottoms warm. So gorgeous.


Monsoon Ruby Red Cape £36

IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_2375



A cape. A red cape. A red cape with a fur hood. A red cape with a fur hood and a silk bow. Need I say more?! Ok I will do, being as this is my blog and all….

This cape is one of the most amazing things I have seen within the baby fashion world. It is so sumptuous and feels extremely well made. There are buttons under the armpits to keep it on and it has a hood with fur.

It is a classic cape. Think Little Red Riding Hood mixed with a dashing of faux fur. Autumnal perfection.



Angle Face Tutu in Silver Cloud £49

IMG_2444 IMG_2443 IMG_2448

This is obviously not your every day type of attire but I really wanted to add it into this post as I am slightly obsessed with it. It is a gorgeous silvery grey colour and it is the most froofy tutu I’ve ever seen.

It was brought for our little ladies birthday in July and she has worn it a few times since. They are quite pricey, but the sizing is for 1-3 year olds so I know she will get wear out of it for a while. To ‘winter it up’ I will team it with tights and a cardigan.



So there you have it, my autumn baby/toddler fashion buys. A bit of faux fur, a touch of sparkly tweed and a large amount of fluffy silver layers….

Happy Autumn!