Resolutions for my blog.

I keep starting a post every few months about how there will be soon much more content on this blog, and much more activity. I never publish it though as I always get either side tracked or end up feeling a bit ‘well who cares if there’s no blog posts’. And I know I shouldn’t get side tracked and I definitely shouldn’t worry if there are hoards of people out there reading my blog. If there are then thanks and please don’t go! But ultimately this blog is for me.

A creative outlet to write about what I care about or what inspires me. To share pictures I’ve taken and impress myself with my growing knowledge of all things technical and website related.


My New Years Resolution was to focus more on this blog and make time every week to post and to bring to fruition some of the MANY draft blogs I have written over the past few months. I even got my husband to buy me some fancy lighting to take better lit pictures for Christmas.

And the intent is fully there. I want to do this. And I suppose if I am truly honest I do have time so I cant use that old chesnut. I am still in the stage of motherhood where naps happen (thank goodness!) and sometimes they can be 3 hours long. (I know- lucky me). But there is always something that is in the way. No correction- that I put in the way. And it’s not because I dread writing or editing etc, I think it’s because I see this blog and writing as something that I want to do, and is nice to do. But its not something I have to do.

I suppose I feel selfish for spending time writing when ultimately having a clean house and getting errands done is more important. And yes, practically it is. I mean we need food in the house. We need to do jobs and see family and sleep. We need that.


But I also need this. This blog. My outlet. My place.


As a stay at home Mom and before we had a child, as a housewife it is very hard to transition to being someone who worked for years and then didn’t. There is obviously great joy in being at home with your baby, and I am very lucky to be able to do so. But there is also a sense of yourself you lose. It is the sense of achievement I miss. Doing a job from start to finish. Someone (other than my husband) saying- good job. Seeing that pay check to cement in your mind that you worked hard that month. And that is why I wanted to blog. For a sense of achievement along with my love to write.


I had a blog before I got pregnant which I enjoyed doing. It wasn’t a main focus for me and I ultimately let it slide and forgot about it when I got pregnant and had a baby. But when our little one was a few months old I remembered it and thought id check it out. And I was impressed! Not only with a few particularly witty articles but also with the analytics of the blog. I had over 3000 views from around the globe. I was uber impressed. But also a little sad that I had let it go. So I began brainstorming what type of a new blog I could create. I thought about just doing a motherhood blog but too be totally honest, I needed more than that. I mean where would I share my obsession with lipsticks if it was all about nappies and sleep schedules?


So I created this blog. And started writing. And loved it.


Then life seemed to get crazy. I felt like my days were a whirlwind at times. The more active your child gets the harder it is to get stuff done, that’s obvious. But I seemed to be taking on too much and setting myself unrealistic goals for my days, which I would never achieve and therefore kick myself all the time because id forgotten to pick up a delivery or iron a dress. And it the midst of this I kept writing the odd post, having mad posting sessions some days and then nothing for weeks and even months.


So NY rolled around and off course, I made some resolutions. I mean it would be rude not too. And along with the typical eat less Victoria Sponge cake resolutions, my blog was a big resolution I was and am determined to keep.


My aim is to post one blog post a week, if there is more then great but at least one a week. And two of those posts a month with photos.


So this my friends, and myself is my official letter to whoever is kind enough to read this and also to remind myself of why I want to do this….


It isn’t selfish to use my creative writing skills for something other than drafts blogs on my iphone. It’s ok to have a messier house one day because this blog is equally important to me. It is ok to put this first some days over errands and the food shop.  It’s ok to take the time and head space to finish a post and get it done. It’s ok to be scared of it and equally massively excited.


And most importantly- never forget how much you love to write and take photos. Because ultimately that’s what it boils down to….


Making time to do something you love.

And that’s ok too.


All my love

Lady like momma