New perfume finds. Jo Malone & Valentino

I’ve always been a perfume lover. I remember smelling my Mom’s Aromatics and Chanel No5 when I was younger and being drawn in by the strong scents, and then going on to work in the fragrance industry as my first job, it truly cemented my love for a good scent.

A lot of things draw me into a perfume. The bottle, the packaging and of course the smell.


I have discovered two new perfumes recently to add to my favourites and I thought I would share with you.




(For those who are interested my other favourites are – FlowerBomb by Victor & Rolf, Lacoste Pour Femme by Lacoste, Gucci Guilty by Gucci, Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, Paris by YSL and Si by Armarni).




Valentino Donna by Valentino


valentino donna pic


Fresh, warm, citrusy floral fragrance encased in the most beautiful decadent bottle you have seen in a while.


I know for some this following paragraph will make no sense as some folks wear whatever perfume they like, whenever they like, which is great for them. I on the other hand fall into the category that associates certain smells with certain times of the year.

I love this fragrance as it bears no strict path as to whether it’s a summer or winter perfume. You know the warmer, heavier scents that are associated with winter and likewise the fresh citrus scents that are more associated with summer. Well this, for me is very universal. And I love that.

It’s so fresh and sexy but equally powerful and ‘bright’. I love it.


Definitly worth a smell. It has great lasting power and again the bottle looks amazing on your dresser. (Ridiculous statement I am aware but that’s the truth of it!) It reminds me of a very expensive crystal whisky glass. Only filled with the most delightfully sexy scent.


Valentino- you’ve done well.





Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne




This was brought me for a gift and I have to say when I saw the name of this fragrance I prejudged how it was going to smell. Wood Sage & Sea Salt…..What the hell? Was this going to be the first Jo Malone fragrance that I didn’t like?

No. No it wasn’t.

It turns out it’s the nicest Jo Malone fragrance I’ve ever smelt. No scrap that. It’s one of the nicest fragrances I’ve ever smelt full stop.

It is simply divine. You know everyone has that fragrance that they wear and everyone comments on….this is it for me. Everyone asks what it is.

It is a fresh, crisp, earthy and soft fragrance with a touch of punch and almost fresh spiciness to it. It makes me think of fresh sea walks with the sun blazing on your face on an otherwise freezing cold day. It’s just delightful.


I know Jo Malone does fragrance brilliantly, that’s a given, but this is a show stopper for me. I am so glad my dear friend introduced me to it.

The candle is most definitely on my candle wish list!



What perfumes have you discovered recently that you are loving? Let me know in the comments.



Lady Like Momma x