Autumn Lips. Dare to Rose.

Autumn Lips. Dare to Rose.


It doesn’t take much to entice me to go lipstick shopping, so upon seeing countless blogs, videos and magazine articles showcasing the must have autumn lip colours I was straight to the high street. I pondered the likes of YSL, Estee Lauder, Rimmel, Charlotte Tilbury and Mac only to get a sense of déjà vu.


The look that was most popular was that of a berry. And while I think it is a fabulous look and it sure is autumnal, it’s not for me.


Last year I fell into the ‘well it’s the look of the season so I better buy myself a lipstick or 7’, and I ended up with a drawer full with some new additions that, if I’m honest, I didn’t really like. And I didn’t really wear. One of my purchases was a Mac lipstick in Diva which I tried to rock a few times before I realised it was a no go. I think the main reason is that my lips suit brighter shades.


So this year, after my exploratory lipstick shopping trip I decided it was time to decide on MY autumnal look. Taking a tad of inspiration from the beauty industry. And here it is….


For me autumn is a time to embrace all that is British. Warm clothes, warm homes and warm makeup. I like to take Autumn (and winter if I’m honest) to fully embrace the ‘English Rose’ look. The summer has passed and so has my tan. It’s time to let go of the bright corals and neon pinks and listen to what my beauty loving soul is craving….


Pinks. Soft rosy pinks.



Rosy glowing cheeks that only the British autumn wind can provide.

The brightness of an eye that’s looking at the November fireworks. And all that jazz.


With these thoughts in my beauty filled head I dug through my embarrassingly overflowing lipstick drawer to find those hidden gems that I had forgotten about.


And that’s when I stumbled across my perfect English rose pink lipsticks….




Mac Hot Gossip.

A trusty favourite of mine that I used to use avidly. This pink lipstick is a soft and natural rosy colour. It manages to give you that puckered lip effect. (You know the puckered lips that would be awaiting Mr Darcy after a wintery horse ride across the manor gardens…….And back in the room!!) Absolutely lovely colour.





Another rosy delight is L’Oreal Color Riche in Julianne’s Nude.

A soft pink with enough pigment to give that natural with a hint of pink kind of look. Super smooth and great staying power.




As for the rest of my face, I like to keep it simple. Natural skin tone with pinky cheeks (Nars Orgasm every time for me). I use a light bronzer to lift my skin and keep my eyes simple with either a slick of black liner (my go to is Supercat by Soap & Glory) and a neutral toned eyeshadow with some lift from a dab of Mac Shroom (Or Naked 2 palette Bootycall).

And for my bold eye look I keep with soft greys or browns and mauves. ( I recently discovered the Boudoir eyes palette from Too Faced- Can you say perfection in a palette!) or if I want a smoky eye I do go with a brown shimmer- which yes I know this is not technically very English Rose- but I can’t ignore my Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow pencil in Amber Haze until next summer. It just wouldn’t be right.

And of course black mascara (still a YSL False Lash Effect girl here!)


And that’s me set. All autumnal from my face to my boots.


Ready to rock the rose and embrace the falling leaves. Best enjoy it as soon we’ll be rocking those reds for the festive season!!


What are your favourite autumn lippies? Do you dare to rose? I’d love to hear what you think.


All my love…


Lady Like Momma