Baby Girl Summer Fashion Faves

My baby clothing addiction is real. I’m talking call in the intervention teams and let’s stage a emergency meeting type real. I have a problem. I am not sure if it’s the idea of being able to dress someone up just as I like or the fact that I am living out my fashion dreams on our little lady, I just know it’s real.

Now we’ve established the level of my baby clothes shopping addiction I can move on with sharing some of my favourite summer pieces from our little girlies wardrobe.

Most of the items have been purchased quite recently (but if my husband asks- we’ve had them for AGES!) so I have included the price sand where they are from if possible, in case you want to add to your darling babes collections.

The Mamas & Papas Tutu (part of a set with a tshirt) £38 ish


Love the touch of mustard on the label and the bow detail that…..oh come on. It’s a tutu! A TUTU! It needs no explanation except CUTE!!!!


The Marks & Spencer baggy floral trousers £14


Slightly obsessed with these as they are so beautiful. Belt detail is my fave. Very soft fabric. Look gorgeous with some iddy biddy sandals (if she would keep them on) and a white tshirt.


The NEXT tribal giraffe Safari skirt £18


There is whole range in this pattern as always with NEXT and I had to hold myself back (literately I got my Mom to take my purse away) as its all so cute. Lovely thick almost linen material. Skirt it very swishy. Lovely for holidays.


The John Lewis Bee shorts £10


Love how poofy these are. Super sweet. I’m not a fan of the very short shorts on babies and kids so these are perfect. Lightweight and adorable on.


The ZARA striped linen dress £16


Brought in Spain, but it is stocked here. This is a stylish number. The detail of the belt is so lovely. Great quality and feels warm enough for autumn with a cardie. Love this one. In fact I want one in my size!


The Ted Baker bright floral jersey dress £9 (SALE ITEM)


A sale bargain from Debenhams. I love the bright oranges and green leaves. Details fab on the buttons also. Great for summer.


The NEXT grey birdie jersey drop hem dress £8


Fab NEXT quality as always. Lovely drop hem which I love. Birdie print (all the birds are named, hello Beryl!), great sizing, will last ages.


The Primark Disney Minnie Mouse leggings £5


Love anything Minnie Mouse and love how these have a tropical twist. Perfect for holidays to team with plain tops and dresses.


The ZARA Mac £21


So gorgeous my husband insisted we buy it. True story. Not sure where to start but it has a leather belt, cinched in waist, its lined, it has a hood, gold buttons. LOVE IT.


The Mamas & Papas Fifi Lapin sweatshirt £16



Love the bunny picture on the front of this. Soft sweatshirt but lightweight enough for those cold summer moments. Detail on the back at the bottom is a lovely added touch.


And there you have it. My summer faves from our daughters wardrobe. More and more favourites are added weekly (seriously call a meeting….) by me so you may see another baby fashion post very soon!



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