Hot Weather Lip and Cheeky Essentials!

Hot Day Lip and Cheek essentials!


A quickie post today as I want to spend as much time as possible face up towards then sun, toes wiggling in the paddling pool. This is also the reason why the photos included show my ‘sun a la garden’ look as I like to call it, inclusive of freckly face, unruly au-natural hair and not much makeup. Enjoy!



So here it is. My lip and cheek essentials for those ‘why put makeup on its gonna melt off anyway’ kinda days, like today. 32 degrees- YES PLEASE!


I discovered these Pixi Lip products last year and ever since then they have been my hot weather lip essentials! They are perfect for applying with ease to keep your lips super soft but still give you a ‘I’ve got lippie on’ type look.


The best way to describe the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms is that they feel like a lipstick/ lip balm combo. But not the annoying super slippery lip balm type. Think a super hard Nivea lip Creme balm. They contain Vitamin E so are therefore very nourishing and soft on the lips.

The colours are lovely, I have Pixi Pink and Ripe Rasberry (Seen below), and they give you a very fresh look as they are bright but without being in your face.

They stay on super well, I mean really well. And feel, like I said before – lovely on the lips.

(I’ve also used these on my cheeks too when I felt my blush needed a boost and they worked fabulous.)

Pixi Pink
Pixi Pink


Ripe Raspberry
Ripe Raspberry



The Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balms are similar to the above mentioned balms in that they stay on well and feel delightful on the lips. They are a bit more glossy than the others. I also find they have that minty/tingly feeling for the first 5 seconds after you’ve applied them, but not an uncomfortable feeling like some tingly balms.

Super easy to apply and the colours are a bit more natural than the above lip balms. The colours work with the pH Balance in your lips so therefore look slightly different on everyone’s lips.


Nearly Naked
Nearly Naked


Baby Bare
Baby Bare



This Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks in Coral is something I have discovered recently and I have to say I am impressed! I’ve never been a Creme blusher type person as I always managed to cock it up when applying. But this is so easy to apply and very light in texture while still having good pigment.

A little goes a long way. It is perfect for days where it’s so hot you end up looking patchy. I often wear it with just a few dots of concealer and mascara. Love the effect. Tres natural…

Also you can use it on your lips and I have to say- I bloody love the colour when it’s on the lips. It truly stays on and a great 2 in 1 product for holidays and all year round!

Coral. Used on Lips and Cheeks here.
Coral. Used on Lips and Cheeks here.



So there we have it, my super quick fave go to lip and cheek products for the sweltering UK Summer days we get occasionally.      😛


Right I’m off to enjoy the sun and possibly sit in our toddlers paddling pool again. Yes again, I’ve been in once already today.




Lady Like Momma





p.s…… You will have to excuse the condition of my lip products, our toddler has managed to break all the lids and put her finger in every one of the lip products!! Not very #Instagram worthy at all!!

p.p.s…… Other products used on my fave in the pictures are Touche Éclat Under eye Concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (AMAZING!!!!), and a touch of Bobbi Brown Golden Bronze Bronzer.