Life with a crawling baby. 3 weeks in.

Life with a crawling baby. 3 weeks in.

We all know a baby who’s on the move is going to be a lot harder to look after than one that is not. That’s obvious. And if we didn’t realise this, then not to worry- as people will remind you. All. The. Time. I personally was super excited for our little lady to be on the move.

Here’s what I have learnt since our little lady started crawling.

– They look CUTE crawling! Their clothes look better, they pull these very excitable faces when they dash across the room. Cute. Cute. CUTE!

– A crawling baby will find the one teeny tiny piece of crumb or fluff that you have missed while hovering. And they will try (and succeed sometimes) to eat it. Sometimes I am putting the hoover away after just vacuuming, and she will be eating something she has discovered.

– Your pets may be shocked to find that this little person you brought into the home can now chase them, grab their toys or on really good days- eat their food.


– Changing nappies is now a work out. Brought a new Zumba DVD to get your daily workout in? Return it. Nappy changing is a battle. A sweaty, pooey, wriggly, crawling battle.


(Oh and add to this that now they are crawling they will undoubtedly slip a nice solid poo or two out of their nappy onto the floor as they scurry away from you. Lovely.)


– They will love their toys so much more. Thrown the toy over their shoulder, hey- they can get it themselves. Moms tidied the toys away to avoid the house looking like a cresh. Hey, no problem. They can get them out themselves. Over and over again.


– Crawling babies love to crawl away. And squeal with excitement when you chase them. (I secretly love that squeal. So much cuteness!)

– Their tights/socks/leggings/trousers will get dirty. No matter how much you vacuum and mop. Especially if you have wooden floors. Don’t worry too much. Its just the way it is.

– When they start to crawl it’s a cute exploratory crawl. After a few days, they are FAST. Like SUPER fast.

– Anything on a low shelf in their mind is for their enjoyment. Like books, remotes, perfume bottles, towels. You name it, they will mess it up.

– Any wire, plug, phone charger, lamp cord will be pulled. A lot.

– Now when they wriggle around in your arms to get down, it is good to know you can put them down and they can get about, instead of it looking like you have plonked your baby on the kitchen floor in a heap while you deal with the fire alarm going off.

– You will sprint to go to the toilet if they are free roaming. And sprint back. Sprint wee’s. Lovely. No more perusing Facebook for 5 (ok 15) minutes on the toilet.

– The dreaded ‘playpen’ debate will not enter your mind when you place your order from Amazon Prime for a super sturdy play pen so you can go to the loo/ load the washer or just have a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive without having to run from room to room.

– They may start to stand up soon after. Our little lady stood up in her cot 5 days after starting to crawl. And now stands up on lots of things. GULP.

– Going to play groups or baby classes will be a whole different ball game. Those baby/wine related  bonding conversations with other Moms at Baby Sensory will be swapped for spending the entire class crawling after your baby as they discover all aspects of the play area and other Moms handbags!

– Lastly, it is the greatest most tiring thing ever. Seeing them play and interact and discover is so great. You will be shattered at the end of the day. That’s what chasing someone around all day does. But when they crawl over to you, mouth open going in for a kiss you will not worry about how shattered you are…. You will just take their sloppy kiss and smile from ear to ear.

And just think very soon they won’t be crawling. They’ll be walking. Eeek!


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