L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks – Review & Fresh Lip Look

Loreal Color Riche Matte Review and a Fresh Look

There are many trends I’m over (like sooo over..!!) now from cold shoulder tops (go away) to plus size slogan tshirts.

Another one I’ve never really been into is the liquid lipstick trend that the world is obsessed with. I personally can’t see the issue with reapplying your lippie every few hours. I’ve tried a few, don’t get me wrong. But I wasn’t sold on the whole flaky, lizard esque lip it gives you or the fact it’s sooo matte.

Now I’m not against a matte lip, I do personally prefer the more glossy/ moisture filled lippies. The likes of Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Kate Moss for Rimmel being some of my faves, but I can see the appeal of a slightly more matte/ less gloss based lip. There is more staying power and that ‘wind blows and all of a sudden your hair is stuck to your lip’ thing isn’t going to be as much of an issue.

I love the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (semi matte), I have a few of the Charlotte Tilbury matte lippies and the Estée Lauder Kendal Jenner lippie in Restless is matte and I lurves it! So I’d do get it. But the whole complete matte, doesn’t budge, sometimes over lined, ‘perfect’ pout we see everywhere isn’t for me. And it doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I’m a Mom of 1, a stay at home Mom and taking 5 minutes to get my liquid lippie on isn’t feasible.

So that being said- I’ve kinda fallen in love with a new matte lip. And these new Loreal matte lipsticks. Now I’m not pretending to have created this look myself. I wish! No- this has been around for a while.

The soft matte blurred lip.            

Catchy – no?

Think Bridget Jones lips in the latest film. All natural and blurred looking. Kissable you could say. Well the look I’ve been loving is this with the inclusion of brighter colours. Berries, Red, Oranges etc. 

L’Oréal lipsticks are fab, I think most us lippie lovers know that. But these L’Oréal Color Riche Matte lipsticks are up there with the big players. The Lauder’s and Bobbi’s, Mac’s and Tilbury’s.

A fabulous collection of shades. I have 3 and love them all. Below are pictures of the colours I have.

241- Pink-A-Porter
227- Hype
104- Strike A Rose

The staying power is great. They almost stain your lips with the colour. I take my lipstick off to eat (lipstick on bread = issues for me #weird) and when I go to re-apply, quite often with these lippies I still have some colour on my lips. A tint almost.

Even after a super casual hand kiss there is still colour on my lips!

They also are not drying. I always apply a lip balm/ Eight Hour type product before a matte lippie and I do with these too, and they do not dry/ flake/ crust your lips at all. 

The look is semi matte, almost a natural matte lip even though the colours are bright.

The texture feels velvety but smooth still.


The way I’ve applied it to create this pouty softer look is to apply without a liner, or if a liner is wanted or needed- I use it after I’ve applied the lippie and you need to use and exact match to the lip colour your applying. – But most of the time I’ve not used a liner.

I then very softly pat my lips on the edge to soften the edge a tad. Or I gently dab them with a tissue to create this ‘my lips look like this all the time’ or ‘my lips woke up like this’ type of look.


With the boulder colours it gives a fresh take on a bold lip. A softer bold lip. Now I’m the girl who will happily, and with joy, rock the bold red glossy lip linerered lip to rock up to a soft play playdate. Think the women in the Robert Plant Addicted to Love video knee deep in a rubber foam jungle and ball pit balls. Now there’s an image. But this is a nice change. It’s less high maintenance than a full on bright lip and I don’t feel like I need to ‘check up’ on my lips as often. (Yes I check up on my lips- let’s not talk about it.)

It’s a great way for someone to wear a bold lip who doesn’t usually or someone who doesn’t know where to start. These L’Oréal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks you can’t go wrong with. 

Staying power, easy application, bargain price (hello 3 for 2) and lovely colour choice. Total lippie win.


Lady Like Momma


(Can we talk about how odd it feels to write Color instead of Colour…..UK blogger here. Just following the packaging 😛  )