My Autumnal Home Décor Ideas

I love any excuse to add a few festive touches to our home and I find Autumn/Halloween a great excuse to peruse the aisles of TKMaxx and Homesense to find unusual decorative pieces. (Let’s be honest – I don’t need much persuasion to go into TKMaxx. I mean- who does?)


I like the idea of adding a few little touches here and there to make you feel all cosy and autumnal and get you excited for the festive fun that’s ahead.


Whilst I will undoubtedly be adorning our house with the usual Poundland type finds of white cobweb strings or sparkly pumpkin flags, I wanted to do something before it gets to the stage of ‘all out Halloween’.


Most of my items are from TKMaxx and Homesense because I think they do festive themes so well and everything is so well priced. I have tried to buy things that I know I will save and use year to year. That’s my new thing; buy a few good quality affordable items that I can reuse year to year and that I will cherish for longer. You know like when your parents get their decorations out of the loft and everything is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue, and they tell you your great Aunt gave it to them at Christmas in 84….yeah I want to be one of those people. (My poor daughter!)


I also took advantage of nature. Yep nature. I enjoyed lovely autumnal walks to get some of my decorative items, and for other bits I enjoyed autumnal shopping moments in the vegetable aisles of Lidl and Sainsbury’s.


It has been quite nice to create a few Autumnal decorations myself as I feel that sense of ‘I did that’ (yes like in the cheesy B&Q advert style way).


Below are a few some of our Autumn décor items, plus some tips for displaying items around your home. Plus some ideas on how you can create your own stunning displays.

Hope you enjoy.


Candy Today Diet Tomorrow Large Dish



Come Halloween this will be full to the brim with chocolates and sweets ready for the Trick or Treaters. But in the mean time this is taking pride of place on our coffee table in the lounge. I love the design and the bargain £10 price tag (The glorious TKMaxx again!). This dish is made of glass and I love the design.

If you are struggling where to put a dish like this then try a coffee table or dining table. It even looks great propped up (securely!) on a shelf so you can fully see the design.



Mini Pumpkins and Squashes (with a few Autumnal additions)



I have always loved these mini pumpkins (or squashes- we will say mini pumpkins for the sake of this post) and I think they are extremely adorable. They evoke visions of Cinderella and little mice turning them into a glorious carriage. Anyhow controlling my inner 8 year old Disney loving self I will tell you what I have done with these.

I added 4 different shaped mini pumpkins to a large chrome bowl I have on our dining table. I added in some conkers, red leaves and some of those twizzly things that fall from certain trees in Autumn. (Please excuse my extremely technical term there, a gardener I am not.)

It adds a very low cost, quick and easy centrepiece to our dining table, all while filling the room with Autumnal joy.

It would also look great done on a cake stand or in a large glass jar.


I have also dotted some mini pumpkins in our kitchen in a little display (yes I am calling it a display even though it is just placing 2 pumpkins on a chopping board!) and they look rather fabulous if I say so myself.





Glass Pumpkin Jar


This is my festive Autumnal pies de resistance! I saw it and practically ran it to the cash desk in TKMaxx. A mere £7.99, and a showstopper. Well I like to think so.

I have put this on our table in the hallway downstairs and it looks fab. It is the first thing you see when you enter the house. I am praying that our ever exploring toddler doesn’t decide it’s a new item for her to juggle.

It also is a jar so I am sure come the 31st it will be filled of sweeties for those Trick Or Treaters.



Autumnal Candles


Where would this post be without a candle mention?! I brought a Bath & Body Works candle from an eBay company because they are not sold in the UK (WHYYYYYYYYY??????) and after years of hearing all about them by every US YouTuber – I can see why the hype exists.

I brought Pumpkin Pecan Waffle and boy oh boy is it yummy! Very sweet but not in a Christmassy way. It has a slight scent of pumpkin and its delish. And I can now see why they are raved about so much as they are brilliant candles. Within 1 minute of lighting it, the room was filled with scent!

Not only do candles make your house smell amazing they also look fabulous and really set the cosy Autumn vibe.

(I know Yankee do a pumpkin candle which is nice, and also I spotted a pumpkin candle in Home Bargains the other day- why oh why I didn’t buy it is beyond me still- but it smelt good!)


Conker Jar


This looks fab on our fireplace and was so much fun to do. I forgot the sheer joy of picking conkers! What fun! I went to a local park where I knew there is a conker tree and my daughter and I picked as many as we could find! (Ok lets be real….I picked them up while she tried to 1- eat them, 2- empty the bag with all the ones I had found so far onto the floor, 3- continuously fall over in the mud) but alas it was fun.

I got as many as I could. I cleaned them with a towel lightly then dried them in the oven at a low heat for about an hour. When they were done I cooled them, sprayed them with clear varnish spray (otherwise known as the best invention known to mankind) but I have heard clear nail varnish works just as well.

I then loaded them into a jar. Now- I did cheat. It takes a LOT of conkers to fill a jar so I put a toilet roll in the middle and piled the conkers around it to look like the jar was full. Naughty me….but it looks great. Plus I like to think that Kirsty Allsop would be proud of my quick crafty thinking.

You could do this with lots of things….. pine cones would look fab, perhaps with the odd one sprayed a orange or gold colour. You could use dried leaves, or pretty stones. Look around on a walk and notice things around you and get inspired.

(SIDE NOTE– Make sure you are not taking conkers or the like from someone’s garden….I do not think they would appreciate it.)



And that’s all my autumnal touches for our home. I hope this gave you some ideas or inspired you to raid the squash section at Waitrose or Aldi.


Have a great Autumn!