My candle obsession. Autumn/Winter Candle Haul.

I think our love for candles is built into us from an early age. From the moment we see that glittering candle being brought towards us on our first birthday, I think we associate the glow from a candle with happy times. We all have those childhood memories of going to church and it being lit by tiny candles. Or attending parties and the rooms having a warm glow and a cinnamon scent from candles. I know I do.

And I think as we get older that doesn’t change. We get to see it from the other side. As we carry over the birthday cake for our children we see the joy in their eyes for the excitement of blowing out the candles.


We choose to fill our homes with delightfully scented candles it gives us a sense of calm and cosiness that I personally love.



I am a tad of a candle addict. Whether it’s a pricey Jo Malone number which I refuse to light, or a IKEA job that I have to buy 4 of because it’s such a bargain. I love candles.

I love all things about them. The smells, the jars, the glow and the joy of walking into a room and knowing your candle choice is scenting your home.


Talking about the jars, I do think that brands like Yankee, Wood Wick, Jo Malone and any other candle makers who put their candles in glass chunky jars know exactly what they are doing. When we spend money we want to feel like we are getting a lot for our pound.

I always experience this when I spend say £100 on a makeup counter and come away with a piddly light bag and it doesn’t quite feel in line with the huge Mac haul I’ve just purchased.

So when we buy a candle for £20 and its in a huge clunky glass jar with a big round thick lid and its gets wrapped in tissue and put in a strong bag- you feel like it’s well worth it.

Because you feel like you have got a lot for your buck.


Anyhow I digress ever so slightly (but hey- I can do that- this is my blog- ha). I have recently been on a candle buying spree which I am justifying by the fact that it is the onset of Autumn/winter, and the need for cosy nights at home and the scent of coffee shops and Cinnamon buns is essential to get through these seasons. You see….totally justified.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



Onto the candles!!

I’ll keep it short for the descriptions as not to rattle on for hours and hours. But know that even if the description is brief I am not downplaying my utter joy and love for these candles.

(I feel it is now officially time for me to get a grip/or a life. Maybe I’ve been smelling TOO many candles!)


Read on!


Yankee Hazelnut Coffee


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell when you walk into Costa or Starbucks but I HATE HATE HATE the taste of coffee so our house never really smells of it. This candle answers that dilemma (and what a dilemma it is).

Think Nutella mixed with eau de Starbucks. YUMMY!




Yankee – Tarte Tatin


Grandmas Homemade Apple Pie. That all there is to say.

Well ok except – it really makes me want to bake an apple pie and evokes memories of my Nan cooking up a storm and me watching while being heated by the warmth of the oven. And trust me, those are good memories to remember.

Smells divine.




Bath & Body Works – Pumpkin Pecan Waffles


Pumpkin. Pecan. Waffles.

Sweet, autumnal, yummy smelling candles goodness. Need I say more.

(My first Bath & Body Works Candles as they are not sold in the UK (WHYYYYY) and I am SUPER impressed. The scent was instant as soon as it was lit and it is pretty strong but in a good way. I will be hitting up eBay for some Christmas ones. VERY VERY impressed.)



Whikford & Co- Mince Pie and Brandy


Christmas in a candle. Truly smells of mince pies and brandy. Definitely one to save for December and definitely one to be burnt while the tree is up and we watch Elf (much to my husband’s delight. In face I bet he cannot wait till I get the DVD down).

A Home Bargains find at £2.99. Yep, £2.99– stock up now. NOW!




WoodWick – Cinnamon Chai

IMG_2906The Cinnamon & Chai scent makes for a very autumnal yet Christmassy scent that I am loving, plus this candle crackles when lit.

It also…wait wait WAIT a darn minute….It crackles when lit? A candle that crackles?? YEP.

A tad like a roaring fire. Slightly amazing.

Talk about atmospheric.

(Side note- the jar is such a nice shape which I know to the none candle lovers who may be reading this is a bizarre comment, but to those who share my love for all things wax will get it.)



I have 3 other mini mentions. My Yankee Jelly Bean Candle that is nearly done that smells like a bag of Jelly Beans. I also brought two little Yankees to trial for Christmas in Candy Cane Lane and Red Apple Wreath- both VERY festive.


That’s all for my candle haul. I’m off now to sit and relax with a cuppa while our home smells like a mixture of cinnamon, jelly beans and coffee. Delish.




Lady Like Momma