My Favorite YouTubers

If someone had told me a year or so ago that I would watch more Youtube than television I would of firstly looked at them like they were hella crazy, and secondly wonder how I would be entertained by funny cat compilations and music videos more than the television.

Now, as I type this a year later, I am the person who watches more Youtube than TV. (Maybe discounting the Good Wife binge my husband and I are in the deep throws of).


I got ‘into’ Youtube (my word how old am I?!) when I was pregnant with our daughter and I was going through some friendship issues shall we say, and I was looking for advice on hospital bags I think. I found myself with no one to talk to who had recently packed a hospital bag so I got googling, and eventually Youtubing.

I stumbled across a Youtuber (Anna Sacconyjoly) who was also pregnant and fell into that Youtube addiction state where you watch vlog after vlog after vlog until your up to date with that person. There was something so amazing about seeing a real person, not a commercial or an actor, talking about something I genuingly wanted to know about. It felt like hearing a friend talk about things. I was hooked.

And I branched out.

I’m still finding new Youtubers who I like every week, but I definitely have my selection of folks who are my faves! You know the ones – you see a new video pop up from them and you count down till nap time so you can sit with a cuppa and enjoy those precious 15 mins.

Well I thought I would share some of my fave folks to watch and follow and what I love about them! There are quite a few and I was going to just talk about a few of them, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and talk about all of them!



Learning to be Fearless

If your into the body positive movement that is flying its fabulous flag everywhere online, then check this girl out. Beautiful, young, sassy, super talented and generally someone you want to be best friends with. Her ‘strapline’ is FEARLESS and she is truly that. I enjoy her personality so much and she deserves to make massive waves in the world.

Find the channel here



Caroline Hirons

Skincare expert extraordinaire. I have a background of working in the beauty industry and I’ve always loved the makeup side more, that was until I watched Caroline. She is super knowledgable and just oozes sophitaction and style. She makes me want to throw my cash at the Space NK website in abundance and I just love her. It is so SO refreshing to watch such an articulate, smart, beautiful, clever woman on screen who can talk about beauty and still be all those things. I have met her a few times (yes I did go all Fan girl on it- poor Caroline) and she is equally as amazing in person.

Find the channel here



Sali Hughes Beauty

Much like Caroline, Sally Hughes is an expert in her field and super articulate. She gives me brown bob hair envy and I love her direct and intelligent approach to things. Her ‘In the bathroom series’ is amazeballs and the one where she features the above Caroline Hirons I just adored. So refreshing to see such classy, strong women on screen and I loved every moment. (In fact I’ve watched it twice and it is 2 hours long.)

Find the channel here



Do It On A Dime

If you love all things organizing and homey and bargainey (is that a word??) then this is your channel to look at. This lady is amazing and has helped me see organising in a different way…. Who knew it wasn’t all about going to Homesense and spending £80 on wicker storage bins, who knew that is was using what you have or shopping the poundshops (she uses the dollar store as its US but hey ho). Shes funny, bright and just oozes life and zest. A mom and an inspiration to organising lovers of the world. I have taken so many of her tips and tricks and implemented them and I have to say it has made our home so much better. (Also love her vlogging channel Do It On A Dime Family).

Find the channel here



Organized Clutterbug

I found this lovely lady before the above Do It On A Dime and I was hooked straight away. Not just for her organising and cleaning tips- she claims to be a once was messy house slob basically (aka me if I let myself go) and she has transformed herself with little routines and purging her house! Love it. Plus she has a very similar personality and humour to me, very dry, a tad sarcastic and funny! Love her!

Find the channel here



Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Im a big Jersey Shore/ Snooki & Jwoww fan so I didn’t pre judge, but before you do, yes you – take a look. Especially if your a Mom in the throws of toddler chaos. This channel is funny and has good crafty tips and to be totally frank- makes me feel like I’m ok, I’ve got this, I’m doing a good job. I think this because she shows true life and true issues and it is very relatable. She’s just her, and I think that is so refreshing and great to see nowadays. Her kids are adorable (why am I not Italian??) and she talks about the real motherhood and home life, not the instragrammed filtered version so many others show. Adore.

Find the channel here



Jenni Farley

Again, this is Jwoww from Jersey Shore and like above don’t pre judge. Much the same as Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi she is so real and funny and dry. She shows the hardships and the shit moments of motherhood, along with some really damn useful tips! I mean hella useful! Super cute family and new baby to boot, love this woman. I remember being pregnant the same time as her ( I think she gave birth a week or so before me) so in my head she was my new best friend going through this together. (Sad times- ha!)

Find the channel here



Live Your Style/ Robeson Design

These are two separate Youtube accounts but both related in the fact the one is a company (Robeson Design) and her daughter runs the channel (Live Your Style). Live Your Style is hosted by Sharrah, a stunner and all around lovely girl with impeccibale style in fashion and great taste in home décor. She is funny and relatable and has just got engaged, so we are now getting lots of wedding videos on both channels with truly is feeding my ‘wedding planner at heart’ soul. She also does short DIY home videos.

Robeson Design is a interior design company run by Rebecca and the videos just make you want to do your whole home up (or even better get them to do it for you!). But more than that the vlogs show such a great family unit, and such laughter and love, that makes them so nice to watch. I urge you to watch there Vlog series (I think there are 3 or 4 series). I watched them all in about 3 days as I was hooked!

Find the channel here             (This is Live Your Style)

Find the channel here             (This is Robeson Design)



Ruth Crilly

Ruth Crilly from A Model Reccomends (check our her blog I urge you- especially if your a beauty lover!) is simply put, my dream Youtuber. Funny, oh so funny. Real, beautiful, talented and knowledgable. Stylish, a new mom and just a dream to watch. The way she talks and writes is very much relatable to me and she offers lots of funny moments that I don’t know if she even knows are funny moments.

Find the channel here



Sprinkle Of Glitter

Obviously a huge Youtube star and I can see why and I just love her. Again another person I want to be my friend (hey Louise- call me! #notcreepyatall). She is, in my opinion the most real out of all the big Youtubers. Not saying the others aren’t at all, but I like that she shows us her house when its a mess, and curses sometimes and shows us the stressy times. I like that she does craft videos even when she openly admits shes not the greatest at it. Just a lovely women and a joy to watch. I have tickets to see her again at her live show (went last year) and I am uber excited!

Find the channel here



Story of this life

Short mother/family videos that are always about 2-3 minutes and super funny, and so bang on that is makes you belly laugh so hard it hurts. If your a parent, especially if your a Mom- you have to check this channel out.

Find the channel here



The Real Daytime

I watch this to get snippets of, what is now, my favourite talk show. Its a US based talk show, much like Loose Women or The View but with a younger vibe and, in my opinion fresher appearance. The lovely hosts include my girl crush Tamera Mowry who I adore, and a host of other ladies from all backgrounds, career paths and ethnicities. Love how up to date the topics are and how they cover topics for all age ranges. The only downside with the Youtube channel is that the clips are too short and sometimes just teasers. But fab all the same. (Luck would have it that someone told me we can watch The Real on the BET channel on SKY! Woop! Afternoons made.)

Find the channel here



What’s Up Moms

If you are a parent and again a Mom ( I feel like I keep saying that!) then you must check out this channel. It is very high end in the videos they do and the take on Iggy Azalea I’m So Fancy or as they call is I’m So Pregnant was the soundtrack to my pregnancy. Super funny, short and punchy videos with 3 themes. Crafting, cooking and lifestyle. A few cheeky day in the lifes thrown in and an ambundance of cute families and a great sense of woman, no -Mom power. Check these ladies out!

Find the channel here




I have been watching Loey for a while now and found her through searching for Plus Size Lookbooks and I got hooked on her positive body image and her sense of style and fun. Her channel has grown massively over the past year, quite rightly and I love her videos and she does flawless makeup tutorials! I also love her blog channel LoeyBug.

Find the channel here




This is the channel of Giovanna Fletcher who is an author, actress and blogger, and a Mommy. She is also the wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly. You know that viral video of their wedding speech he sang- she’s the gorgeous bride. I purposely didn’t start with- she’s the wife of Tom Fletcher because I dislike when folks are introduced by there well known spouse, especially when they are uber talented themselves! So there! Ha! Well this lady is amazing. Super talented with 4 or 5 books in her bag and a great Mom (Mom of the year i think!). Her channel does Dear Carrie style videos which are vlogs of her talking to Tom’s sister (and in turn she does one back and Tom does one etc..), they are very funny and just very heartwarming. She’s super relatable and I love her interlect and passion for life.

Find the channel here



Anna Saccone

Like I said at the start this is the first channel I watched on Youtube. Anna does videos on lifestyle, beauty, motherhood, food and fitness. Lots of very informative videos and also I love her sense of style and the way her videos are structured very well. She is half of the Vlogging channel the Sacconyjolys which I used to watch daily but I let it slide, but that is also a great family life vlog channel.

Find the channel here



Dolly Bow Bow Kate Murnane

A new find for me, but there is just something about this ladies enthusiasm for life and fashion, home wear and business which has got me hooked. Lots of fashion, beauty and home style videos and I just thoroughly enjoy watching them.

Find the channel here


So there you have it, my favourite YouTubers that fill my screen with knowledge, humour, laughter, passion and body positive girl/Mom power. I love that we can fill our screens with such a variety of things and people nowadays, and choose what topic we want to watch. I love that we can interact and share these videos and the sense of bonding you get with these folks.

Here’s to YouTube for widening our viewing horizons!


Lady Like Momma