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I should start by saying that ‘My Hair Heroes’ as a title is understandably a tad dramatic, but if you had seen my hair a few years ago you would know that ‘heroes’ is the perfect word.

I have dyed my hair for a long time and a few years back my hair got a tad destroyed due to a few reasons which I shall not bore you with.

To say it was destroyed is not me being dramatic again, it literately broke off. It split and my hair looked like a mixture between Rod Stewart in his 80s prime, and Jersey Shore back combing at its not so finest. To put it lightly, it wasn’t good. After a rather substantial chop, finding a kick ass hairdresser and some colour changes, my hair began to get back to its usual self again.


During this whole process I discovered some of the below products to be a god send. I have also discovered some of the products due to becoming a mother a little over 20 months ago. Gone are the days where I can spend as long as like blow drying my hair daily. Now it is more blast it, spray and it judgde it.

Just as a pre curser to the following reviews, it may help you to know what my hair is like. My hair is quite thick, blond with a few bleach areas. It’s naturally quite wavy and goes hella curly if a drop of rain touches my head. (Monica from Friends….I feel your pain.) It’s just below shoulder length (grow hair grow!) and it’s in pretty good condition (NOW).        





This is my ultimate hero. This is the product that if I forget to pack while on a trip I freak out about. This bad boy makes combing my hair after a shower possible. Genuinely. (And for any of you like minded slightly curly haired folks, you will know the pain that can be caused from combing your hair after you’ve washed it, when you have been wearing it curly for a few days!!)

This is the oil that I have packed in my hand luggage not once, but twice as I was so nervous it would break on the plane and therefore I have had it confiscated not once, but twice (to my husband’s distain) on the way to our jollies, and have therefore had frizz ball hair for the entire holiday.

MORROCANOIL is a treatment product which you can apply on Wet or Dry hair. It soaks into the hair without leaving any residue. I use 2-3 pumps of this on my wet hair (focusing on the mid to ends) after showering to detangle and smooth my hair.

It leaves my hair looking softer, smoother and it doesn’t weigh down your hair (unless you use too much).

I have tried a few of the many many ‘dupes’ of this product and none of them came close to working as well.


Price £27.28 @ Amazon (100ml)



Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner



Even though this product has one of the longest names in the world – I will let it off as it is brilliant.

In basic terms this is a leave in conditioner spray that is aimed at BRITTLE DRY HAIR. It states that the ‘Liquid Keratin repairs the hair and makes it like silk’ and I would mostly agree with that.

I use my MORROCANOIL on mainly the ends of my hair and spray this all over. (It does need a good shake before you use it). It has an almost pearlesant look to it which I thinks adds to the shine it gives your hair.

This spray is light enough to use even at roots and it doesn’t make your hair feel weighed down or give you that greasy roots look which we all love when we’ve just washed our hair. Especially us Moms.

It makes my hair have a nice shine and helps to detangle my hair. I also use it on my daughter’s curls at the back of her head where she sleeps and it smoothes and softens her curls wonderfully.

It is a STEAL of a price and I urge you to try it.


Price £2.40 @ Bodycare



Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original


I did wonder why I should I write about this as its already such a cult classic? Because it’s my blog damn it. *jokes*

The reason is I am very late to the dry shampoo band wagon. I’m going to put half of that down to the fact I tried it a few times and must have been somehow (not sure how) using it wrong. And half down to the fact I used to take my sweet glorious time to wash and style my hair most day’s pre baby. (Ah memories….)

This product is obviously a dry shampoo that in basic terms you spray on your roots and voila! You have extended your hair washing days by 1 or 2 if you’re lucky.

Since having a baby I don’t wash my hair every day, typically every other. And NO, not because having a baby means you cannot have ‘you time’ even when ‘you time’ is just taking a shower and getting clean….it is mainly because the time I do have I do not want to spend drying my hair. Because it takes agessssss. (It’s true- ask my hairdresser. Poor woman!)

This being said recently I had a moment of ANGER (first world and all that) that I could only have one day of freshly washed down hair, and the second day hair would either be a messy up bun (but not like the end result in the fancy ‘this takes 5 minutes to do’ Facebook videos I see daily. More like a lopsided beehive with 3000 clips). Or it would be a half up half down do’, that would either go fantastic and I would feel like a Kardashian for the day, or it would look like…well shit.

So I took to trying dry shampoo again (longest build up to that sentence! Building the suspense. The dry shampoo suspense… ok stop now. Just stop!)

I tried Batiste and well I was wowed. It truly works. I now have a stock of it as I do use it a lot.

I find it brilliant to prolong you’re hair the day after you’ve washed it, or even the day after that! It not only de-greases it (lovely) but it adds volume. I love the fact I can wear my hair down after using it and it doesn’t feel like day 2 hair.

I spray it liberally over my roots all around my hair and style it and the rub it in. Being a blonde, and a bright one at that, I don’t find I get that white powdery look some have to deal with.

I like the Original the best having tried a few of the other scents. But it is truly a staple for me now and all I can finish on is – Batiste where have you been all my motherhood life?!


Price £4.99 @ Boots (400ml)



KMS California HAIR PLAY Playable Texture



I had this as a sample in a Birchbox and didn’t really look at it for a while. Then one sunny day I was rocking the curly haired look and couldn’t get my curls to play ball. You know when your hair seems to be moving as one big piece of hair. It wasn’t textured or swishy enough for me and looked a little flat. And a girls GOT to have swishy hair! So I got this out and BAMN, I was instantly impressed.

It states you can use it in wet or dry hair. I have only used it on dry hair and mainly when it’s curly or wavy or simply needs a boost.

The can states:

It helps build the style –check

Accentuates layers- double check

Achieves a long lasting finished style- triple check.

It truly does all those things. It gives texture without that crispy effect so many like minded products do. It adds volume and shine. Smells fabulous and just finishes of your hair and adds an almost ‘salon’ look to your hair.

I have since repurchased and while it is not the cheapest spray you do not need much and it is truly worth it.


Price £11.30 @ Amazon



COLAB luxe shine Glossing Hair Fragrance



This is a Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends product, and whilst I am slightly biased in the fact I am a true fan girl and I am obsessed with her humour and witty writing skills, I can honestly say I didn’t buy this product purely because it is one of Ruth’s. Technically I suppose I did as I saw it in one of her videos on YouTube and was super impressed with how it made her hair look, but what I am saying is I don’t tend to by products just because someone I like has their name on it. (Apart from JLO of course because, I mean its JLO!).

The video shows her spraying into her hair for shine and texture and oomph. And boy does it do that.

It makes your hair so glossy and shiny. Its smells DIVINE. I think it’s the best smelling hair product I have ever used. That will be the Cashmere, Bergamot and Oud. It seriously smells like you have visited a Jo Malone store and perfume has been lovingly dripped onto your head.

I use this when I need a shine on my hair or feel it needs that je ne sai qoi? It gives you that swishy TV ad hair your see on those annoying ‘because she’s worth it’ adverts.

Definitely worth a try. To sum up- shine, luminosity and the sexiest smelling hair product ever.


Price- £4.99 @ Superdrug



Bristows Ultra Hold Hairspray



I was tempted to leave this hairspray out of this post as I had a moment where I thought it wasn’t ‘blog worthy’ or ‘photo worthy’. And why did I think this? Well because this is a pretty basic, very cheap hairspray that is not flashy looking and it doesn’t have fancy ads on the TV. You can pick it up Home Bargains next to the loo roll and toothbrushes and its about a £1.


But you know what, I decided to get over myself and realise this HAD to be in this post as I use this hairspray EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yup. Every day. And I have done for years.


Because it’s brilliant.

It’s just hairspray. Simple. But great hairspray. Its great at holding your style, lasts all day and doesn’t make your hair sticky. I like the Ultra Hold for my hair and I use it for up dos, quiffs and when my hairs down.

So many people I know use this, young and old and I understand why. I succumbed to the Ellnette bandwagon a few months ago. Let’s just say the shiny gold can and Eva Longoria drew me in. Honestly? I didn’t like it.

Wasn’t keen on the smell and it didn’t work for me.

So I went back to my Bristows and I haven’t looked back since. Neither has my hair. (Or my bank balance!!)


Price- £1.00 @ Bodycare



So that sums up my Hair Heroes. My daily saviours for my main.


I hope you like this post. Let me know what you favourite hair products are in the comments.




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