My latest obsession- Joanie Clothing Jumpers. Plus size friendly. Slogan me up baby.



It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post (or any post at all lets be fair!) but these fabulous Joanie Clothing jumpers have stolen my heart (and my wallet) and I therefore feel compelled to write about them.

As a plus size woman its often (ok always lets be real) hard to find nice quality, ‘slogan’ jumpers. They tend to either say ‘IM FABULOUS’ in rhinestones or something equally delightfully 1990s or they have STUPID STUPID cut out shoulders. (Seriously it is snowing as I type this- and funnily enough I don’t want cold shoulders), but most annoyingly they tend not to be made to ‘hug the curves’. Often bell shaped in style which does nothing for a pear shaped woman like myself or they’ll be long enough for an average height woman to wear them as a dress. Well no. I want a jumper. Not one made from ‘rub me the wrong way and a static attack is imminent polyester’ – (I’m talking to you Boohoo), and I want to join in the fun of the skinnier gals in terms of logos. I yearn for a Whistles Le Weekend jumper or a Outlaw/ Who Run The World Lingua Franca Sweater in blue and navy stripe or the like, but alas one’s ass simply doesn’t allow for that. And that’s where Joanie Clothing comes in.

If you’ve not heard of Joanie Clothing then you must not be following Holly Willoughby’s Instagram (and if you’re not then you should, just for the fashion ideas alone!). Holly has been styled in a few Joanie Clothing jumpers- from the most sought after Ciao jumper that I am waiting patiently (Ok not patiently GIVE IT TO ME NOW!) wallet in hand to buy and the stunning Golden Girls number she rocked last year, looking every inch Jill Masterson from Goldfinger– blonde hair and golden jumper instead of paint.

My first dip of my toe into the Joanie Clothing brand was after seeing the amazing Emily Norris (YouTube speed cleaning goddess extraordinaire) rocking the Beauty School Drop Out Jumper and I knew I had to have it. Not that I have ever been to beauty school and no I’m not a diehard Grease fan but that’s not the point. I’m pretty sure half the people in the infamous Bella Freud 1970 jumper were born after 1990.

So I ordered one. And folks- FOLKS- let me tell you it is the nicest jumper I’ve probably ever owned. Soft, so soft but also not fluffy at all. Fab sleeve length and the slogan is embroidered on so it doesn’t show the signs of let’s say a Primark number where you dread to touch it with the iron as you fear you may lose the letter T and U. Great price point too and such great quality.

The fits are very flattering and long enough for my 5 foot 11 frame. I will be totally honest and say I wish it was a tad longer, but then I am on the lanky side and that’s my personal preference, but I still adore it.

They seem to be made for woman with shape, and to show off their shape. Which I adore.

I have also got the Maybe Baby? black knit and the Golden Girls sparkly number. Both of which I adore. I tend to wear them tucked into skirts, pencil or skater. Or long. When I find the ultimate pair of jeans from Long Tall Sally I shall also rock them with jeans.



The brand itself off course do dresses and skirts, t-shirts and shirts. I have now eyed up the Tigi Floral Print Midi Dress to add to my overflowing ‘wish list’. The orange dress of dreams- . Adore it.

Joanie Clothing is a brand for those of us who want feminine clothing with shape and style and slogans that are good enough for the queen that is Holly Willoughby.


BUT my fashion loving friends, the thing I love the most is that they showcase pretty much every single item on two or three models. One being slim and the other being curvy/plus sized. As a standard. NO plus size section with sub standard clothes, every item goes to a XL or 22. And is showcased on a curvier body. This to me make this site a site I visit regularly. To be able to look at a jumper or dress and see it on someone with a similar body to mine is gold dust.

Golden Girl Gold dust.



Well done Joanie Clothing. I thank you. My bank balance doesn’t 😛




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