My new fashion addiction. White.

My new white fashion addiction.



In a what I can only describe as crazy moment in my motherhood fashion life I have decided that my go to look for this summer is white. Bold crisp un-toddler friendly white.

Now why I have chosen this colour when I am the stay at home mother of a 2 year old is beyond me. But it is what I am loving.  

White…’s not really a colour I have braved that much before, probably because I am one of the clumsiest people in the world. Like truly, just the other day I wore the below white lace dress and while I was telling my cousin how brave I was to be wearing it to a ‘ketchup/chocolate cake/fruit salad and salsa filled BBQ’, I dropped ketchup down myself. At that moment. Yeah, I’m that person.
Plus I think, real talk now, I’ve always steered away from white being a plus sized woman. We all know black is slimming and that is a fashion ‘rule’ I have stuck too, but as of late I’ve developed this – dare I say confidence, hutzpa almost, about my own self image and appearance. And after trying some white items I realised that they look pretty good.
And the last reason is simply one word- tan. White clothes and a tan= perfection. Now where’s the sun?!


So I wanted to pile together (literally) 3 looks in my new found fave colour and share with my lovely blog readers. If your out there…….hello…….. 😛

I decided to use some ‘on location’ (cameras follow me around darling don’t you know…. jk) pictures along with some posed ones to mix it up a bit, just to show that I have genuinely been wearing these looks out and about.



Lovedrobe Curve Crochet Lace dress – VERY £60 (Currently £54 in the sale!)

Love this dress so much. It feels like a mixture between a day at the races type dress mixed with a toned down daisy duke style dress. It feels such good quality and it hugs me everywhere I want it to hug me, while also flowing out over my more uh-hum flowey out parts….my arse OK. Lol.

I’ve teamed it with some black tights and Cowboy esque boots I’ve had for years from Evans. Love the added tassel bag to dress it down a tad. It most certainly could be worn to a very dressy ‘la de da’ occasion because it is, as I said, exceptional quality. Lined, thick, the works.

I’d like to wear it with skin coloured tights but it’s a teeny bit short for me to do that as I am 5’11.

Kept the jewellery simple as I didn’t think the crochet look needed extra fuss. Love it.


IMG_7861 IMG_5342 IMG_5331



ASOS CURVE Denim Midi High Waist Skirt £35   &   ASOS CURVE Top in Swallow print £18

This skirt is my favourite thing I have brought in a long time. It is so elegant and can be worn many ways. I’ve dressed it up and down and shaken it all about haha….couldn’t resist.

The skirt is denim and have rose gold (go on- all swoon) poppers down the front. I wear it on my waist with a belt like shown in the pictures. Also looks great without a belt.

It’s a great length for me and I know I will wear it a lot in the Autumn/Winter season too. (Tip- if ordering this skirt, perhaps size down as it comes up a tad larger than the norm on the waist.)


I love the swallow top. I’ve had my eye on it for a while now. It’s a lovely slightly thicker than a normal tshirt material so I’m pretty confident it will be perfect for a UK summer ha! Ive had many a compliments while wearing this top!

Teamed with boots in one pic and in the other teamed with slip on Lands End shoes that are battered and old but I can’t bear to throw away as I cannot seem to get any more. sobs.

IMG_5367  IMG_5400 IMG_5392




Missguided Plus Border Print Swing Dress £30
You know I’m all about the waist, bout the waist- no trouble…. Yep- it’s got to that level of craziness. But seriously- if you want to enhance your waist or show of what you’ve got or even create the illusion of a waist, this dress is for you.

UBER comfortable and very swishy and 1970s in its sleeves. It’s nips you and a can be worn buttoned up or unbuttoned to free the babalons. Love the pattern as it’s quite subtle. I feel a very gypsy hippy queen esque 70s babe when I’m in this and I’m liking it.

Worn here with black leggings and my Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag that I have recently discovered is quite a sort after piece of Louis Vuitton! Waiting list and all!

IMG_5915 IMG_5892



So there you have it, my white fashion extravaganza. Feeling the great need to crack open the St Tropez now, or even better relax on a beach, cocktail in hand, tanning it up. *Dreams*

Seeing as both of those will prob not happen I shall finish by sharing my ‘shit im as pale as a newborn piglet and I’m wearing white and I forgot to tan’ saviour product- Rimmel instant tan. My lazy tanning life saver. Used carefully and little by little, this is my currently beauty fave. Mainly on my legs. Brilliant product!


Have a fab week and let me know what colour are you loving this summer?



Lady Like Momma