Naptime is never wasted on YOU

I’m forever hearing the phrase ‘I wasted nap time today’. Heck I said it to myself today.

Nap time to those who either have a child that doesn’t nap (I. AM. SO. SORRY.) or those of you reading who are childless and are therefore thinking- what is the big deal about this precious nap time?!  I’ll break it down for you.

Nap time is the time of day when a parent has precious moments to themselves. While the baby sleeps you can catch up on OITNB on Netflix, paint your toenails, shave your legs or do some much need online retail therapy shopping.

But alas in real life nap time is usually a mixture of household chores, showering, answering the door to the 7 different Amazon Prime delivery men (why Amazon? Why?)  who just happen to chose to come the exact moment your sleeping beauty falls asleep to deliver your bulk pack of Huggies.

Whatever you chose to do with naptime, it is basically sleepy, silent, stolen moments of gold. Nap Time.

Anyhow. Back to the phrase- I wasted nap time. Or some other belters such as-

I did nothing during naptime!

As soon as I managed to get round to cleaning she woke up!

I didn’t complete any of my jobs at all during nap time.

Etc etc etc.


Well I said to myself today- I wasted naptime. Because that is what I did. Correction, that is what I thought I did. This is how it went the morning went….

The little lady went to sleep at 10am and woke up at 11.30.

At 10am I got in the shower, ok it was 10.15 as we all know I spent 15 minutes perched on the side of the bed looking at Instagram. Then I had a shower and got dressed and got ready.

SLOWLY. No 2 minute eyeliner for me today, no we went all out with the cat wing.

I did my makeup and hair and looked at my new purchases from the weekend. I emailed someone and sent a few cheeky what’sapp messages requesting fashion advice from a friend. Very important stuff.

I then realised that the noises from the baby monitor were those of a baby waking up. Gulp. I hadn’t done what I wanted to do. I hadn’t wrote a blog post or called those folks about appointments. I hadn’t sprayed the garden with weed killer and I hadn’t polished the fridge (saddo I know, but black and shiny fridge and a baby who likes to stand against everything = lots and LOTS of smudges!). So yes I hadn’t done my ‘tasks’.

And I felt bad. For about 2 minutes. Because I had a thought….

(And no it wasn’t fuck it. Well ok, kinda)

It was this-

‘I wasted nap time.’

What did I waste naptime on?

 I ‘wasted’ naptime on myself. On me. I said it out loud to myself.  And it was rather powerful to hear.

I know when we become parents we become a lot less selfish and cannot focus on ourselves as much, but to actually say to myself I that time spent on myself was wasted, seemed harsh. Very harsh.

And I decided that was the last time I was going to say I wasted naptime.

I know there are times when yes, you will have to blitz your house from top to bottom during naptime, and when you will have to collect the flying bits of recycling that are flying around your garden due to your overfull recycling bags. (one day I will get the right day!!). And you will have to clean your windows.

But then there will be other days.

Days like today when I was up at 7.15 putting the bins out. Then I was making bottles and baby porridge. Then cuddling a baby who’s front tooth is breaking through her gum. Then feeding her the porridge and cheerios and tending to a crying dog who also wants to eat the cheerios and porridge. Then cleaning her up. Then letting her play and explore while I hovered and mopped the entire house. Then I dusted and put away two loads of laundry. Then I got her ready for nap time. And then I played to game of going in and out her room many times as she decided she was exhausted, yet she wanted to stand up and cry about it instead of lying down and chilling out.

And when you realise this has all happened before 10am. And you realise that’s a lot. A whole lot. A lot more than you would of achieved pre baby before 10am. And you realise that’s enough for now.

Enough time spent on the house.

Enough time spent on the cheerios.


Now its time to spend time on you.


And that’s ok. Honestly.

Time spent on someone who does so much for others is never ‘wasted’. Its an investment.


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