New Year. New Me?

New Year….New Me?

2017…crikey that came round quick didn’t it? Wasn’t the Millennium like 6 years ago..? I’m pretty sure we all say that every year, but this new year it feels very accurate. 

2016 was a pretty shit year for me and my family. We lost my dear dear Mom and I cannot quite convey how much effect that has had on me and my family. It’s tough, very tough.

So yeah, 2016 was a shit shit SHIT year….but it did also had good moments.

I think when you have a child it’s hard to say that a whole year was rubbish because so many amazing moments and milestones have happened and much laughter and love happened, even during the saddest moments. So I’m choosing not to use the phrase “so long 2016- you suck ass/ so long crappy 2016 etc etc” -because as anyone who’s lost anyone will tell you, whether the year the loss happened has passed or not, it really makes jack shit of a difference. That person, that member of your family, that person in your life, is no longer with you- regardless of whether the New Year has arrived. And quite frankly, the year having a different number on the end isn’t going to make that any easier to deal with.

So after that uplifting and upbeat intro the this post you may ask what New Year is going to bring for me, my family and life….

I am trying to be really careful about not setting too many and too unrealistic New Years resolutions because that never works for me, even though I do it every year. I usually make a list of about 28 New Years resolutions and changes I want to make and end up doing- yup you guessed it- zero of them.

So this year I have a few, simple resolutions I want to achieve. Ranging from the usual lose weight/get fit number to organising the house room by room and decluttering the loft and to try and get more sleep (serial late nighter here!).

The two I wanted to talk about a bit more are the following-

Time for me.

Now by this I don’t mean taking time to have a fancy bubble bath or get my nails done, even though they are all things I would like to do more! I’m thinking more on the lines of taking time to just be. And by that I mean not taking on too much. Not accepting too many social invitations and planning and actually spending more time in the house every week and making time to spend on my blog and YouTube channel. All things I want to do and have the luxury to do, yet in the last year or so I haven’t made it a priority. Which essentially means I haven’t made myself a priority, which is a tad sad. 

This doesn’t just stem to my blog/YouTube this stems to everything in life. I am a pleaser in life, always up for catching up, helping folk, going on days out and I love that, and shall to continue to do so…just not as much. I will no longer schedule to meet someone on the Monday I have to food shop and clean the house from top to bottom all with a toddler in tow. Because it’s too much, and stressful and I don’t need to do that. And it means I have super busy stressful days, which yes I know will happen from time to time- but why should I plan them to happen? 

I want time for me in our home, time to just do nothing, or to do everything. I just want time.

Family Adventures.

We already do quite a bit of this but I want to do more. And make them more impromptu, well as impromptu as you can be with a toddler and a dog! We have a National Trust membership that we use quite a bit but not enough as I’d like. And without sound ing all wishy washy here- we recently went to a National Trust place to see Santa. And while wondering around I said to my husband- “we need to do this more…these places are my happy place“. And I meant it. Something about the striking buildings and cosy cafes, rolling hills and never knowing what’s going to be in each room that is magical. And tranquil. There’s something wonderful about thinking about and seeing snippets of how life used to be. 

And we need to do it more. 

Tying in more overnight stays so we can visits more National Trust places far and wide. 

I also want to stay in a country cottage or lodge. Someone where deep in the countryside with nothing much else to do that walk to the local pub and eat pie and chips and meander round cute village shops. A log fire would make a nice addition too. 

Oh and a seaside break. Because quite literally the sea soothes my soul.

And I am determined to do them. 

I won’t bore you with my other, equally important resolutions as I am unsure yet how I’m going to implement my new healthy lifestyle next week, when we still have a fridge full of cheese, and all the strawberry and orange quality streets left.

What I will say is this-

Have a great New Year. Not just the celebrations of the night/day. 

Have a great 2017. 

Do what makes you happy and the boring stuff you have to do, find ways to make it easier. Or more fun. Cherish the time with the ones you love and take time for you.

This year, is going to be as tough as 2016 for me, I know that. But what I hope, is that it will be clearer. It has to be. 

I will start the year knowing what I want to achieve, and what I want to do to make me happy. 

And that is a good place to be in come 12.01am on January the 1st. 

I’ll raise a Diet Coke to that.


Lady Like Momma