Our festive home. A Christmas Eve mini post!

This is probably the quickest blog post I have ever written. No scrap that, it is definitely the quickest I have ever written one.
I have been a #badblogger these past few months. After a spell of writers block (I know I am no JK Rowling, but still this ladies got to be inspired to put keys to blog!), and a crazy period leading up to Christmas my blog has suffered.
I am choosing not too beat myself up over it, as there is really no point and with new year looming, improvements to my blogging life will be right at the forefront of my resolutions.
Anyhoo (I just watched the Grinch so I’m leaving the Hoo reference in there….) one post I really wanted to do before Christmas was a mini house tour of our home all festived up to the max.
To sum me up around Christmas- I am Elf. Truly. Elf in personality and excitement, and Miracle on 34th street (the house at the end) in terms of our décor. I like every room to be decced out. And too be totally honest- I think I do a good job! Ha!

I wanted to share some pics of my fave bits from our home. There won’t be any lengthy descriptions as I am draft typing this at 12.25am on Christmas Eve morning (who needs sleep right?) but I shall add some more information after Christmas perhaps.


Here are some (ok quite a few- forgive me its Christmas) pictures of our festive home.


IMG_3363 IMG_3357 IMG_3352 IMG_3350 IMG_3348


IMG_3307 IMG_3305 IMG_3311 IMG_3310 IMG_3299 IMG_3292


IMG_3290 IMG_3285 IMG_3283 IMG_3279 IMG_3277 IMG_3269 IMG_3264 IMG_3261 IMG_3263 IMG_3253 IMG_3244 IMG_3239 IMG_3226 IMG_3219 IMG_3218 IMG_3215 IMG_3211 IMG_3206 IMG_3198 IMG_3159 IMG_3156 IMG_3153 IMG_3148



Anyhoo (thank you Dr Seuss), have a wonderful Christmas, sorry for the ‘cutting it fine’ style Christmas post. Expect lots of exciting content in the New Year or perhaps even before. But most importantly enjoy the festive season and I shall end with a few of my favourite quotes from my favourite festive films. The Grinch one gets me every year.

Merry Christmas!


Home-Alone-2-quotes miracle elf grinch