Primark PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons – £2!!!!!

I’ve posted a little teaser about a fabulous bargain lip product I had discovered on my Facebook page (subtle plug for my Facebook page there….) and I am finally getting round to telling you all about them!

I love all lip products, especially those that come in a crayon style applicator to make application super easy! So when I stumbled accross these great bargain Matte lip crayonsin my local Primark, I just had to give them a try. I mean at £2 each it was worth a punt.

So what was the verdict I hear you cry?



These PS Primark Matte Lip Crayons glide on super easy and do not dry the lips out as much as some other (much more expensive) matte crayons. In fact they are not the type of matte lip products that flake  your lips at all, they are pretty smooth.

They stay on super well- I mean drinking drinks, chatting away, kiss on the cheek kinda staying power. Hours I’m talking.

There are a variety of colours, of which I have 3 (well 4 actually but one seems to have gone missing….I’m looking at you my makeup loving nearly 2 year old little girly!) Coral , Fuchsia and Natural. There are 7 or 8 colours in the range I believe, ranging from nudes to purples through to deep browns.


Here’s some pictures of them in ‘action’….














Some swatches for all you swatch lovers….



So to summarise these lip crayons in 3 words-


Trust me you wont be disappointed. Great product and price. A true rival for the many more expensive items on the market. I could go into how the packaging is obviously a tad basic and all that jazz but I wont because THEY ARE £2!!!!

Oh and when I say BUY ONE NOW, what I should say is REALLY BUY ONE NOW AS THEY SELL OUT FAST!!!! In my local Primark at least. Hoping I can expand my collection soon!





Lady Like Momma