Statement Necklaces- The do’s and do nots.

Statement Necklaces

Which ones I am loving and how to style them


When the statement necklace trend came about again I was thrilled with a giddy, diamante filled, over the top bling excitement. You mean I can wear a massive pearl and ruby (esque) necklace with a tshirt to Tesco and no one will bat an eyelid? Oh go on then. If you say so.

I was (and still am) overwhelmed by the choice of styles and gems. From bargain bling to the pricey pieces, the choice is endless. Below are 4 of my favourite statement necklaces.


The Coast dressed up number.

Brought to wear to a wedding. A pearl (again esque) piece which is large and bulky, but just the write tone of off grey that is goes with lots of pieces, day or night. £30. I like to wear this with white and cream and grey.



The spotted on Instagram Marks & Spencer number.

Saw this on the Marks & Sparks Instagram (obsessed with their food pics they post except they cause me to crave a chocolate melt pud and a steak far too much!). Instantly fell in love with it. I literately went to get it the next day. Show stopper. Big and bold and expensive looking. Dressed up or down it makes me feel like one of those cool fashionista types. £29.



The Primark (wish I had brought a back up) number.

Total bargain. Gold and diamante. Fab with a tan or with a white top. Lightweight as some necklaces are super heavy. Wish I had brought more in case I ever lose/break it. £5.



The Zara (I had it before Princess Kate) number.

Most people know this one as it was a HUGE sell out when the gorgeous Princess Kate wore it on the red carpet. A Royal in high street jems. LOVE IT! I actually beat her to it and brought it a month or two before. (-insert smug happy dance here-) Love it. Looks super pricey. Fitting for a princess (get it….lame I know) and sits nice and flat. More of a dressy piece. £29. (Or £200 on ebay when she wore it and it sold out. Luckily Zara stocked up.)


 Now the important part. How to style them.

I think people struggle with a few things when it comes to styling up a statement necklace. I know I did. When they are styled in magazines or on blogs I cannot help but notice they are always worn with a high neck shirt with a jumper, or worn over a flowing maxi dress while the supermodel type lady frolics in a field filled with daisies. Its all very ‘fashionable’ and ‘cool’. But what about us other folk who’s day to day is more nappies, food shopping and NETFLIX binges than fashion photoshoot field trips? What about those of us who aren’t slick enough to be ‘cool’? What about those of us who’s boobies are not made for high neck clothes like said shirts? Or those who simply do not like that style? How do we rock the statement necklace trend? Well do not fret. I am going to tell you.


Alter the length.

A lot of these necklaces are short chained, and if you anything like me. A plus size lady who is also a tall 5 foot 11, this doesn’t work for you. Buy some chain extenders. (Yes these things DO exist! They have changed my necklace game forever.) Marks & Spencer sell them, 2 pack for £5. Or ebay. LOADS on ebay.

Make the necklace hit your collar bone with a scoop neck top. Wearing something lower? Either wear the necklace up high (not like a choker as this can lose the flow of your neck and décolletage. Fancy way of saying a choker can sometimes make your neck look fatter!) or lower it with these extenders so that the top of the necklace just hits the top of your top. Follow the rule that you either wear it totally above you neckline, or start the top of the necklace at the top of your top. Looks better that way.

Keep your outfit simple.

If you are wearing a black dip hem top and leggings or a white t-shirt and jeans then a statement piece is going to look, well like a statement. I.e. Fabulous. If on the other hand you have on a floral dress with a belt and heels and big hoop earrings, a statement necklace is going to look like….er how can I put this? A hot mess. Keep it simple.

If you are looking for a necklace to go with a evening dress then go for a more simple design. One or two stone colours and I would say one or two layers. Some of these pieces have a lower ‘pendant’ piece that hangs, stick to a more solid necklace and it will look more pricey. Like you have borrowed some jewels from the Queen.

Stock up on your holidays.

Holidays are great places to buy statement necklaces. When you visit those great markets or street shops abroad there will be loads of one off necklaces (well one off till you reach the next market town) but you get my drift. Stock up! Just think of the joy when you know your ‘one off’ piece that everyone is admiring was actually a bargain 5 euro find.

Keep other jewellery simple.

Some simple band bangles or your normal ‘every day’ jewellery. I would personally stay away from earrings unless its an evening affair and your wearing simple small stones.

Most importantly.

Be bold. Never worn a piece like this? Love the trend but a bit nervous? Just go for it. Start simple or go all out. Keep your outfit simple and slick on some lippie and rock it out. And if your feeling self conscious while wearing your necklace, then remember to hold your head up high and ‘fake it till you make it’. Act like this kind of styling is the norm for you. And you never know…. People might start thinking your one of those cool field loving photo shoot model types.


But whatever you do, however you style it up remember that a statement necklace is all about making a statement. Of you. Because you are fabulous. A necklace is just the icing on the Marks & Spencer chocolate melt cake.


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