Summer Candle Collection/Haul – Jo Malone, Yankee and more


I did one of these ‘crazy candle woman’ posts last year in Autumn and after struggling to put away a new candle the other day, I realised my ‘collection’ (god have I become that woman who collects the candles?!) was worthy of a blog post. And an impromptu photo shoot. As you do.

(Side note- I swear if my neighbours could see me standing on a dining room chair while sprinkling cake sprinkles, frosting and birthday candles over our freshly painted fireplace top they would be very concerned!)


So on with the candles!


Yankee Candles


Italian Limoncella -£13.99 (from a Garden Centre – Dobbies)


This candle transports me to a roof top terrace in a quaint Italian town, feet up while basking in sunshine sipping on some Limoncella, dashed over lots of ice. Yes, it takes me there.

Lemony, fresh, sweet. Gorgeous. Plus I’m kinda loving this type of Yankee Candle packaging, nice a simple and sleek.



Olive & Thyme – £13 ish (from a Garden Centre- Wyevale)


This has to be one of my favourite Yankee smells ever. Imagine the smell of the kitchen if someone was cooking you a really fresh meditarean meal, mixed with the smell of green olives and fresh crisp air.

Fresh, almost limey olive scent with a slight warmth. Like I said, one of my fave ever smells. Gives your home the wiff of it being freshly cleaned. (even when its not…)



Vanilla Cupcake – £19.99


I’ve had a few of these and I keep going back for more. Imagine walking into a cupcake shop, the good kind of cupcake shop where they lather on the buttercream. Birthday cake, baking and general yumminess!

Sweet, warm and quite frankly smells good enough to eat (do not eat your candles. I REPEAT do not eat your candles.) It is more of an Autumn candles, but for some reason I’ve been using it a lot…. #cakeaddictperhaps



A slight side note before we carry on…. yes there’s more…

First I must start by telling you all about my new candle brand I have discovered and developed a new found obsession for. DW HOME. Found a lot in TKMaxx. The candles are SUCH good value- starting at around £3.99 and they smell- divine. I’m even going out on a wim and saying I prefer this brand over Yankee. (arghhhh). Honestly- hunt them down. I think in the States you can get them easier, but TKMax in the UK always have a variety in. Plus the jars tend to be so pretty!





Driftwood & Sea Salt – £9.99 TK Maxx


In what will come across as me being a tad of an old romantic- this candles makes me think of walking along a pebbled road next to the sea, by a harbour perhaps… A mixture of sea air/ soft wind and UK sunshine surrounds blows your hair as you hold the arm of a hunky gentleman (who’s probably wearing a soft knitted jumper – lets go all out shall we..) and you get a wiff of his extremely subtle, but there, aftershave. Bliss.

Seasides. Fresh. Manly. Clean. Warm. Gorgeous. And can we take a moment to talk about the jar. LOVE IT! I almost cant wait to have used it all so I can put my makeup brushes in it…expect NOOOOOO then it will be gone!



Peony Petals – £6.99 (whatttt) TK Maxx


This is not going to be as ‘mini novel’/’romantic dreams’ type in description because I can simply describe this candle like so- You have shoved your head into a giant Peony Bush and its the pretties, girliest smell you will ever get. Yup folks- we went from walks by the ocean and soft hunky jumper talk to shoving your head in a flower bush….Okkk.

Petals. Petals. Petals….. Oh you want a bit more- ok well its fresh, soft, floral and a peony dream.



Tropical Luau – £6.99 TK Maxx


“Do you like Pina Colada? And getting caught in the rain?”. Yes, this tropical delight transports me to a tropical beach where the suns beaming and I have a large Pina Colada in one hand, and a plate of very sweet pineapple and coconuts chopped up in the other.

Sweet, coconut, pineapple delight. Hint of lemon and still very fresh. Again, love the jar…the orange is gorgeous.



Peace – £4.99 TKMaxx


When I try to write what this candles makes me think of, I have to be honest and say it makes me think of my Mom. I remember it being lit in the room when she was at my house and just the slightest wiff and I am back there. With her. And boy, what I would give to be back there. So for that it smells to me like love, and family.

But for you guys who want a tad more in the candle wiff charts than that I can say this- It makes me think of sitting by a fire on a summers night, surrounded by lavender. But not the over powering lavender scent I actually dislike. A soft scent of a warms summers evenings, lavender fields and grass.

Warm, soothing and floral. One that will be burnt very slowly and I will probably never bring myself to use it all.

In a none cheesey way, it really does do what its name states….it brings me a moment of Peace. Lovely.



Lemongrass –  £5.99 TK Maxx


Let me start by saying this- the lengths I have gone to get another one of these candles is quite impressive. I’m talking ebay, google, stalking Instagram for the hashtag #dmhomelemongrass, chasing the company down. You see- I AM a crazy candle lady! Yet I am yet to get one. You see folks- it is that nice.

This transports me to a dim lit room filled with essential oils and soft whale music, all while someone massages your worries away. A spa in a candle to be frank.

Fresh. Lemony and delightful. I am unsure what lemongrass actually smells like (not exactly a chef..) but if it smells like lemon and grass together (oh dear), then I kind of think this smells like that. Its just incrediubly spa like. And when its lit, the jar looks amazing.




So I came to edit this blog post and realized I had two more EPIC candles to add to this list, due to EXTREMELY kind friends buying them for my birthday. And quite frankly it would be rude to not include them as they are candles from the candle god company that is- JO MALONE. So please excuse the lack of fancy decoration around the candles, 1- I didn’t fancy scraping Pomegranite juice and moss off our fireplace and 2- they truly speak for themselves.




Peony & Blush Suede – £42


This simply smells of a combination of an extremely luxurious floral perfume mixed with the scents of a Sunday stroll around a garden centre. Beautiful.

And can we take a moment, just a moment to talk about the jar? Oh my days its so pretty. Adorned with red peonies and leaves and grass. It is simply show stopping. And no, I wont say but we all know its not all about the packaging, because sometimes it totally is. Love it.



Pomegranate Noir – £42IMG_6121

This is such a warm, sweet, deep scented candle that it makes me think of shopping at Christmas, red wine, beautiful fragrance store full of the scents of a thousands perfumes. Its gorgeous. I feel it has a slight medicinal scent to it, but not the nasty type. A kind of aniseed ball mixed with oldie world ‘sweets are medicine’ type thing.

This is definitely a more Autumn/ Winter candle but I have used it recently and I am kinda loving it for late summer, for those uh-hum colder UK summer nights.




IMG_5459 IMG_5460

So there you have it. My summer candle haul. Writing this has made me realise I probably need to skip the candle isles on any upcoming shopping trips, but lets be fair…..that’s never going to happen.

What candles are you loving at the moment?



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