Summer days with Bobbi Browns Beach Nudes collection. Review.

Summer days with Bobbi Browns Beach Nudes collection. Review.



Not much needs to happen to get me to try and buy new make up items, especially when the words ‘limited edition’ are dangled in my face like a glittering time bomb. This is one word in the beauty world that makes gullible old me throw my purse at the nearest beauty consultant and secretly shriek inside when I know its all mine. All mine I tell you! …….. Rightio……

Anyhow this time there was another reason. A big glowing yellow one. The sun.


We have been lucky enough to have had a sneak peak at what a potential summer could look like, and I like it. I like it a lot. Warm days. BBQs, maxi dresses, sandals, Shimmering body oils and coral coral coral everything. Oh and gold glitter on your eyes. Which brings me nicely to the Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes collection.



3 Eye shadow pallets, 3 Lip colours, New bronzers and a new Mascara. All divine. Some limited edition.


A friend and I hop footed it to the nearest Bobbi Brown counter where to our horror the collection was selling out in front of our eyes. I managed to get the Sunkissed Pink Eye shadow Palette (*we shall come back to the name later), and a Sheer Lip Colour in Peach Sorbet.

Simply put, it is lush. Yes I used the word lush. Just call me an avid Gavin & Stacey fan and lets leave it at that.



The eye shadows are summery and seductive. 4 powder eye shadows. (One states its a Shimmer Wash eye shadow- the pink colour). The colours are – Cream, Sandy Pink, the glorious shimmer laden Beach Sparkle Eyeshadow and a Perfect Brown. All very wearable and lovely to work with.



Sunkissed Pink Eye Palette. £36


The flexibility of this palette is great. They are very buildable shadows and lots of looks can be created with these 4 shades. They are encased in a glorious rosey gold packaging. (Think old school YSL packaging with a ‘oh so on trend’ rose gold hint- yes yes yes.)



The lippie is a coral lovers dream. (It is technically Peach– hence the name- but I see it as a light coral). It’s perfect for anyone who wants to rock the bright coral look but is perhaps not as daring as they wish they could be (not me- the brighter the better!).



Sheer Lip Colour in Peach Sorbet. £20.


This is a super soft sheer lip colour, which essentially feels like a balm but with more staying power. The lippie has glitter flecks running through it. It doesn’t seem to be a limited edition as the website says they are New Colours. So that’s even better! (Side rant- What is it with beauty companies enticing us with stunning new colours and then BAMN you realise its limited edition and you cant get your favourite colour again!…. I’m still getting over the fact the Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner Restless lippie is limited. Can I justify £40 from ebay?).

Anyhow its glorious to apply and does stay pretty well. And my lips feel very comfortable when its on.




Below are 3 looks I created wearing the palette and the lippie.


Soft and Bright




Warm and Golden



Smokey and shimmering



Overall the collection is a sun kissed dream, as we all expected.

If you want to get your hands on some of it then I wouldn’t delay and get yourself over to now!

This collection adds to the feel that the summer months are on the way, which for me is a fabulous feeling.

Lighter warmer nights, diet cokes with ice, sunny BBQ with friends, kids being able to play outside, washing dried on the line and wearing sunglasses daily.


Oh and gold glittery eyes of course.




Lady Like Momma




*(Not 100% sure someone read the name out loud before getting it signed off, but alas- still beautiful product).