Summer Must Haves

As I look outside and notice an unfamiliar warm glow hitting the patio area it hits me that we are officially in summer. Thoughts of summer holidays, longer days sipping cool cocktails outside by the pool, BBQs and warm summer evenings fill me with so much excitement that I almost forget for a moment this is the UK we are talking about. Not downtown LA.

 Nevertheless it is summer time, and there will be some sun. And holidays. And BBQs. And that has inspired me to treat myself to some gorgeous things!


So I piled it all together and thought I would share with you my latest summer purchases to hopefully inspire you for your own upcoming summer shopping escapades.





Primark Atmosphere Beaded bag £10

This is my favourite of the bunch. A totally unexpected find. It sparkled its way into my eyeline in my local Primark and I knew instantly it was love. Total WOW item.

This stunning clutch is gorgeous. Great for dressing up or wearing casual as it has a long chain strap. It is beaded all over. Bronze, gold, black and diamante beads sit on an almost raffia knitted fabric and it’s amazing. Pockets inside and very lightweight. Total bargain also which makes it even more of a WOW.





PARLOR by Jeff Chastain £17 Full sized

This spray was in one of my Birchbox’s that I receive. I didn’t give it much thought until the other week I had very unruly second day hair that would not be tamed, so I thought hey- let’s give this a go. My attitude was- it cannot look worse. AND I was right, it couldn’t look worse….it could look AMAZING.

This is a Moisturising Sea Salt Spray that adds texture to your hair and gives you that ‘been on the beach and my hair is now tousled and sexy’ kind of look. A few spritzs onto wavy hair or curls and it really does give you beach waves.

(I might add I used my GHDs to add a few soft curls to my already quite wavy natural hair to start, but I have used this on straight hair and it does also work quite well). Definitely something I will be buying when it runs out.





ST TROPEZ Gradual Tan In Shower £14.50

Wait…what?? I can tan myself in the shower, therefore eliminating the mess of tanning out the shower? Can anyone say – GENIOUS idea!

This tan is very VERY easy to use once you get your head around the fact you wash it off which does feel alien at first. You jump in the shower, wet your body then rub the tan all over your body and face, turn off shower. Then WASH YOUR HANDS (I turned on the shower pointed away from my body and face and rubbed exfoliator in my palms and washed it off), then wait 3 minutes and wash it off. It develops gradually and gives a natural glow. I will not replace the original Everyday tan for me as that is brilliant stuff but it is close second.

(Side note- I did get 3 or 4 tiny patches on my feet and toes where I hadn’t rubbed it in very carefully, but apart from that no patches elsewhere).




Primark Atmosphere Gold bar necklaces £1.50 Each

Seen this look a lot on the cool kids where they stack two or maybe three of these bar necklaces and I am always envious in a ‘why do you have to be so cool’ kind of way. So I thought hey- spend the £3 and rock those chains. Simple necklaces, dressed up or down. £3 for 2, you cannot go wrong.

I added a chain extender as I like a longer necklace (or have I got a really big head?)(ok I know I have..) and they look great.

Does this make me a cool kid? Cool Mom? Cool 29 year old Mom wife? Yes, yes it does.




Estee Lauder BRONZE GODDESS Eau Fraiche £47

Buy this every year because to me, it is summer in a bottle. It evokes memories of holidays and summer nights and I’m obsessed with it. I may buy another bottle as it is a summer fragrance only. It smells (to me- and I am no fragrance expert) of exotic fruits and posh sunscreen. Mixed with the ocean air and roses. ITS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

Lasts well on the skin and they do bronzers and glittering body oils in the range.




LOREAL Colour Riche Extraordinaire lip lacquers- In 201 (Rose Symphony) & 204 (Tangerine Sonate) £8.99

Want creamy, glossy, full, high coloured summer lips? These are the lip lacquers to try. They are gorgeous. Imagine a lipstick and lipgloss mixed together. Full colour, so if you are expecting a sheer tint of a gloss, then step away from these glosses slowly. These are bright and glossy and did I mention gorgeous? My favourite summer colours are 201 a bright pink and 204 a stunning bright orangey coral.

(Side note- APPARENTLY the nude shade Nude Ballet (601) is what Kim Kardashian wore on her wedding day!)





Maybelline Brow Drama (Dark Blonde) £4.99

I will confess I had never heard of this product until I watched a Zoelle favourites video and therefore went and brought one. (Sucker) It is brilliant IF, and yes there’s an if, you like a natural brow. I am quite low key with my brows, I like them a bit bushier (Liz Taylor and Cara Delevingne give me major brow envy!) and I am quite lucky as they are a good natural shape, but alas sometimes they need taming or smoothing. And this is the product to do this. It gives you a more polished brow look. But in a natural way.

Basically a mascara for your eyebrows, a bit of colour and keeps them in place. Great for those hot summer days where you sweat (No. No- another more glamorous blog worthy word for sweat needed….) perspire!




Silver Street London TK Maxx find (sorry!) £19.99

I love a good sandal but I am not really a lover of the flip flop toe post as it feels weird to me. But these are super comfy! Soft leather and the jewelling, well what can I say? Emerald coloured stones and Diamantes adorn the top and I love that  they could be worn in a more dressed up situation, as being 5 foot 11 not all evening dresses allow the option for heels. TK Maxx you’ve impressed me again.




And that’s everything that I have purchased for summer to make me look bronzed, smell good and sparkle my way around town this summer! Let me know if you have any summer must haves. I am going to try and be uber creative and create a look book style post with some summer outfits I have purchased recently. Keep tuned!



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