Supersize Makeup- NARS & Bobbi Brown


I know, I know- ANOTHER beauty post. What can I say except I have issues, lipstick/eyeshadow/perfume related issues. But trust me. This ones a good’un….


I’ll keep this a short post as they are products I have talked about before and I want to give you plenty of time to hop foot it to the shops to pick up some of these Supersize monster beauty bargains.


Two of my absolute favourite companies have launched some rather exciting supersized limited editions. And I am very excited about it. The products are larger than normal and a GREAT price point. Plus the packaging is uber sexy on both of these.



NARS Limited Edition Deluxe Orgasm Blush


Ill save you the predictable ‘deluxe orgasm’ jokes and just get straight into it.

This is the Nars blusher in Orgasm, but it is a GIANT one. (Well giant in beauty terms).

It is a 3.04 oz and the original size is 1.92 oz. Now while to me this doesn’t mean much except this limited edition is obviously bigger, what does mean something to me is this- it is £28 (£27.50 on ASOS!) and the original size is £23. Which means it is £8.42 cheaper.

PLUS (yes there’s a plus to the great price) the packaging is beautiful. The box and inner blush protector sheet is adorned with a 1950s style women in the most fabulous hat. And the rather large mirror is printed with #WHATMAKESYOUBLUSH – which I CAN answer for you NARS…. what makes me blush is visting the Nars counter with my dear mother a few years ago and having to ask twice for a Deep Throat blusher….moving on…

All in all- its an amazing blusher, but we all know that. I use it every single day. If you are yet to try this blush then you really need to as it is an absolute sparkly, but not too sparkly, classic.


You can find it here on the ASOS website (50p cheaper than elsewhere!)-




Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Face & Body Bronzing Powder


I found out about this product after I received a text invite from my local Bobbi Brown counter to have a ‘bronzing makeover’. Of course I took them up on the chance to bronze me up and I am sure glad I did.

This is a GIANT (even more giant than the blush above) body and face bronzer from Bobbi Brown. It comes in two shades- Golden Light and Medium, as apparently they are the best selling shades. I happen to use the Golden Light Bronzer every day so I was delighted to see such a product!

It is 16 grams and the original bronzers are 8 grams*, so DOUBLE the size. Yes folks, double.

Price wise it is £36 for the Limited Edition larger one, and £28.50 for the original one. Now even I can work out that it should cost £57. So you are saving a HUGE £21! Bargain city!!

Packaging is very summery in a brown swirly kind of way and the Bobbi Brown logo is in gold. It is embossed with the company logo inside (which I will be a tad gutted to run my brush over when it comes to using it).

Again like the Nars blusher, this is a classic Bronzer and definitely the best bronzer I have ever used. Buildable, great on your body and it just gives an amazingly natural tan glow to your face. I am definitely thinking I may be getting another one of these it is my must have item. Check it out.


You can find it here at the Bobbi Brown website.



So there you have it. Two supersized beauty classics that are definitely worth a look at.




Lady Like Momma




*Apologize for talking about ounces in one review and grams in the next- its just what was on the websites! x