The Ultimate Eye Cream. Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Cream – Review.

The Ultimate Eye Cream. Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Eye Cream – Review


A year or so ago I noticed that I was showing what were the signs of ageing under my eyes. How damn rude was my first thought, seeing as I thought I was going to be one of these lucky buggers who’s face never gained a line or crease. Nope, it was happening folks. I was cough getting older.

Now don’t get the opinion of  me that I am one of these folks who wants to run straight to the needle at the sign of a line (no judgment for those who do), but I am not one of them. I honestly see ageing as a beautiful thing. Face tells a story an all. Thinking of celebs who haven’t had any work done- Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek- they are more beautiful to me than those who are mid 40s yet look 22.

I remember hearing Caroline Hirons (all hail Caroline Hirons btw, Queen B- nah Queen Hirons to me) saying that ageing was a luxury not everyone was granted. Or something along those lines. And by Jo- it stuck with me. And it’s so true. – So no, I wasn’t crying into a newly purchased silk cushion cover at the signs of fine lines under my eyes, no. What I was crying about (well not really crying but it flows so let’s go with it!) was the fact my under eye concealer was settling in said lines. Now this, my beauty loving friends, wasn’t good. As a Mom of 1 very busy toddler and being the serial late nighter than I am, I NEEDED my under eye area to look, in the least- bright.

And while I could deal with looking my AGE and AWAKE, I could not deal with looking my AGE and not awake (ie- knackered!) because every damn concealor I tested caked/creased/disappeared and generally looked like shit under my eyes.


So being the ‘make up can fix all type gal’ I am (or was), I went on the hunt for a new concealer. I was currently using Touch Éclat and Rimmel Wake me Up. Both fab concealers. Well dear readers- I probably brought 20. No joke, my bank balance will vouge for me. From Bobbi Brown to Maybelline, Estee Lauder to Collection 2000 (I’m old school- it’ll always be Collection 2000 to me). I tried an abundance of them. Serum based ones, brighteners, powder based, two tones, creams, sticks and different applicators.

But my under eye lines were still ruining my ‘I’ve had 10 hours sleep and I chose to wake at 6am for Yoga’ look I wanted to portray. Ok I would of been happy with ‘I’m a Stay at home Mom of 1 and I have got my shit together, at least today’ type of look’.


So I decided it was time to try a treatment instead of a cover up.


Now you think someone who worked in the beauty industry for many years, selling and preaching the old ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and ‘treat what’s underneath well and everything will go on better’would of been using an eye cream for years. Erm no. Can’t quite decide on why that is. .Maybe I thought the fountain of Youth was shining down on just me, but let’s just say I never bothered. Or I did bother but gave up applying regularly after a week or so. Lazy cow.

So…. I headed to the beauty hall and naturally graduated to my favourite counter of the moment – Bobbi Brown. (Having never had a Bobbi Brown close to me I get tres excited that it is now in close shopping distance for me and therefore throw my cash at the ever so lovely ladies on there whenever I go past.)

So- I spoke to someone about my under eye woes and she directed me in the way of what she described as her ‘ultimate fave skin care product’ the Bobbi Brown Eye Repair Cream. Now it doesn’t take much to sell to me If I have something in my mind that I want, so let’s just say I was sold straight away.

Now let me just say that I am a total makeup junkie. Skincare has never been my ‘bag’. I always liked the instant effect makeup has over the ‘over time’ type effect skincare has. Which I know, is ridiculous. And you’ll be happy to know that I now think VERY different. (Excited about cleansers and oils- me? Yup! #iblamecarolinehirons).


So it’s safe to say that with this rather daft pretence in my head I wasn’t really expecting to notice any changes instantly. And I’ll be honest with you dear eye cream enthusiasts- there was minimal changes instantly.

Yes my eye cream felt instantly hydrated and brighter.

I put this down to the texture of this eye cream being a very creamy and luxurious when it goes ona little goes a long way.



But what about after a month/ 2 months/ 6 months?

Well let’s just say I now use my original concealers (and the drawer full I amassed in my hunt for a solution) every day and have not, not one single day, had anything settle in any lines. In fact my under eye lines seem to be not so present.


Now my dear reader, I am not a scientific type person so I have attached the following from the Bobbi Brown website-

This rich, concentrated cream visibly revives the appearance of eyes—so you look extra well rested. One of Bobbi’s best-sellers, this formula with peptides, natural plant oils, and humectants targets the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness.

Formulated with Bobbi’s Extra Repair Complex—a combination of clary sage ferment and argireline®—to target the appearance of skin ageing on two levels: by helping support skin’s natural collagen and by supporting the skin’s protective moisture barrier.


But in my words I will say this-

I use this morning and night. Every day.

Within a month I could see a line reduction, it wasn’t a ‘WOAH I look 21 type moment’, no, more of a look in the mirror after a month or so and thought ‘Oh- I haven’t noticed my fine lines as much, or at all’.

It feels divine on the skin, and is 100% ok on my super (and I mean truly super) sensitive eyes.

I have used this for over a year and it has reduced the appearance of fine lines greatly.

I am 30 years fabulous (yes I wrote that) and I didn’t have deep set lines but definite fine lines under my eyes. They are now less visible. Need I say more?


One completely used pot and one newbie!
A firm staple in my skin routine.



Ok you want more…

I have purchased two of these in just over a 12 month period and I have only just started using the second one. And again- for me to re-purchase a skin care item the day the one ran out, is a true testament to how good it is.

It feels very hydrating and is particularly soothing on my eye area, especially when a reaction occurs. I am allergic to animals/dust/pollen/lots of products/glitter (should I live in a bubble?!) and it is very soothing.

It has lessened creases and puffiness and it has made my eyes less puffy upon waking.


It is £46 and can be found on the Bobbi Brown website here.

There is a bargain set at the moment (which I have brought and LOVE the products in it- oil smells divine!) with the full size eye cream worth £46, a full size Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm (full size 50 ml which costs £66) and Extra Face Oil (10ml size worth £14.67) for £79 with a total worth of £126.67. Saving over £47! Bargain city!! Limited edition- found here.

AND If you sign up to the Bobbi Brown website as a new customer you receive 15% OFF orders over £50 taking this set to £67! *faints*



So I am sharing this with you, as I do all my friends and family-


Need help with your under eye area? Fine lines doing your head in? Want to look more awake? Then try this amazing eye cream and you will be as much in love with it as I am.


Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream. You rock.




Lady Like Momma