To Unite and Write – #solidaritea

To Unite and Write – #solidaritea


Yesterday will officially now be known as the day the mom tribe hit it out of the park. And the day that a simple fish finger dinner became an Instagram trend.

A particularly offensive and unnecessary article was written by someone for the now named Daily Fail, and well it blew up the internet. #hashtags were created (#solidaritea) and the Motherhood force stood by the targeted ladies in the article.

It focused on the new ish wave of Mommy Bloggers (The Unmumsy Mum, Hurrah For Gin, Scummy Mummies, Clemmie_telford, Steph_dontbuyherflowers were the ladies mentioned) and how a lot of it is apparently just being a shit parent. ( I paraphrase – she didn’t say that but that’s what she implied and quite clearly meant!). The article seemed to clearly misunderstand the humour in these blogs and books, and more upsettingly missed the whole DAMN POINT.

It seemed to miss the fact that this type of new open dialogue within Motherhood groups/online forums/ mother books/ mom bloggers is a fantastic thing as it helps to dissolve this stiff upper lip shit we are often presented with when it comes to parenting and motherhood. The whole ‘lets only talk about the good’ and to do it while wearing white company cashmere robes while our toddlers snack on kale. That shit.

These women help us Moms be able to have open and honest chats with our friends, families (the post man if you’re really in need of fault conversation that day) about what’s on our minds, what’s tough, what were struggling with, what’s shit. It allows us to say ‘Christ today’s been rough’ , without this huge fear that we then have to say ‘but wouldnt change it for the world’. We can do all these things while still in the knowledge that we love our kids more than life itself and more than fish fingers (if you’ve read said article you will get the reference…if you haven’t then just continue to think I’m a loon/food obsessed…).

It helps lighten the stigma with new and old hat moms with mental health and lets us be fucking real. And very importantly – it’s just damn entertaining. Because its true. Its like when you watch Peter Kay’s stand up show from years ago and he talks about old folk wanting to get home and get curtains drawn (your imagining the accent- I know you are)- it’s so funny because it’s true. And that’s what these brilliant Authors/blogger/comedians do! Entertain. Brighten our days when it’s been full of shite (like literal shit everywhere) and tantrums in garden centres. And I, and every other mother in the trenches of it, bloody love them for it.

Well enough of that- I just wanted to express my anger at the article and joy at what came out of it. It’s made me feel even more a part of a great club that is motherhood. It’s made me think we do need to unite more and more and more. Because lets be fair- there’s enough people out there who will judge us. So let’s unite, chat and share together.


And for me that means lets write. So that’s what I’m going to do. Write about my thoughts and feelings on the whole motherhood thing and more. Share my thoughts and likes and ideas. And just damn well get on with it.


Have a fabulously slummy evening.


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