Toddler Girl Summer Fashion Haul

Summer is peaking its warm and yellow head at the UK this week, and thoroughly teasing us of what is to come. Well because of this glorious sneak peak of summer sun I felt the urge to give our daughter’s wardrobe a ‘refresh’. By this I mean I decided to buy an array of summer items to overflow her already stocked up to the max wardrobe even more. Because, quite frankly- I can’t help myself. Summer prints and teeny tiny sandals are all too much for this Momma to resist.


So onto the purchases!



Next has channelled its inner ‘Yonce’ (Beyonce to anyone who doesn’t understand my ever so cool short cut for Queen B’s name!) and brought out a range of Watermelon inspired clothes. Well to be fair it isn’t so much inspired as covered on every inch of the fabric with watermelon slices. Delish!

IMG_4400Watermelon Smock dress



First is a watermelon adorned smock dress made of cotton, but it has the look of soft linen. Little sleeves in case the sun remembers it’s the UK and decides to clear off and gentle pleats on the skirt part. Super cute and lightweight and a STEAL at £10.


Pink Watermelon Tunic


Second is a cotton pink watermelon tunic/dress. It is a drop hem dress, and I am pretty sure NEXT does this style every season in most patterns and I always buy them. So versatile, stretchy and prepare yourself for an extremely Mom thing to note- these tunics wash so well! (Who am i?!) This has a little pocket for all a toddler would want to keep in their pocket and very summery in colour. Another STEAL at £6!


Watermelon Leggings


Lastly from the watermelon NEXT haul area of this post is the leggings. Because of course I HAD to buy the matching leggings. Soft and stretchy and well, leggings…. Not sure if I’ll team them with the items above as it may look a ‘tad fruit bowl Yonce’ overkill’ but on the other hand it could make for some amazing photos for bribery in the teenage years! £5.


Floral Trousers



Floral Trousers, bright floral trousers with lilies, butterflies and lime green leaves. Very jungle chic. These are very lightweight and totally gorgeous. Tie waist and pulled in at the bottom. Super excited to see her in these. £12.





Blue Embroidered Dress

IMG_4415 IMG_4412 IMG_4413

This dress I want for myself. Truly. (Side note- what is it with all these gorgeous kids clothes yet I can find nothing for myself! #jelousofdaughterswardrobealready).

Anyhow this is a lovely navy embroidered dress with floral details on the bottom, wrist and chest area. I am seeing this embroidered gypsy esque theme around a lot. It is a good length too even on our slightly taller than average daughter. It feels delightfully good quality and will definitely see her through our more, shall we say cooler UK summer days. Not so much of a steal at £32 but I’m pretty sure I brought it when there was an offer. Or at least that’s what I’m telling my husband anyhow!




Blue and white striped/spot hat


This wasn’t on my list as we do have a hat for her but it somehow made its way onto her head and over to the mirror in a very ‘ninja fast toddler way’. When she saw said hat in the mirror there were mutterings on the line of- ooh, niceeee, prettyyy. So off course, being the sucker I am- we had to have it. It’s very good quality and by that I mean its flexible but strong enough to battle against rough toddler moments and being shoved into my handbag. Navy and white (my absolute fave colours) and a bow on the front. It does say it’s for 4-7 years olds (something I didn’t realise until this very moment- oops!) but it is seems to fit her pretty well and she’s 21 months so hey. The best part about this is that she keeps it on, unlike any other hat she owns, which any parent will know is a success. Bargain at £3.


Red and white heart dress.

IMG_4442 IMG_4448

I’ll start with the price first on this one- it was £3.50. Yup. A total bargain. 100% cotton and super cute. It’s very lightweight, perfect for much warmer days and has a bow adorned on the side of the dress. Fits quite small, I brought a 3-4 and she’s just now in a 2-3, but still it looks great and much more than its bargain price tag would make you believe.


Coral Cardigan.

IMG_4423 IMG_4428 I LOVE CORAL!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for that shouty moment there….that’s just my reaction to ANYTHING coral come spring/summertime. I loves it. This is one of a choice of colours and I love the sparkly stone like buttons and finish on the bottom. Perfect for extending the wear of those summer dresses when it gets too chilly. (Just to add- I buy most of her cardigans from Primark because they wash so well, are an absolute bargain and they have the most amazing colours.) £5


Floral Jeans

IMG_4422 IMG_4432

Turquoise skinny jeans with coral and soft pink flowers all over them. Very ‘Ted Baker’ esque. Soft and finished off with a rose gold press dud fastener. Very handy adjustable straps on the waistband and overall just gorgeous. So fresh a summery, I imagine them rolled up with little sandals and a straw hat. £8.


Navy and white striped top


This is a uber soft slightly thicker than normal t-shirt, with scalloped style stripes and a white bow. Fastens with a button at the back and has little sleeves. This feels exceptional quality. £3.


Pink leggings


Not much else to say apart from these are hot pink leggings! Soft and stretchy. Bargain at £1.90.


Neon Hair Accessories


This was a total ‘on a whim’ purchase as she has never worn headbands before. It is Neon orangey/coral and come with 2 matching clips. For the price £1.50 I thought it was worth a try and low and behold she quite likes them. PLUS the neon shade of these ensures to add a summer hit to any raining June day!






Glitter white sandals


I brought these along with our grocery shop (much to my husband’s delight) as it was a hot day and the trainers and leather boots she had were just not cutting it. Plus the fact they are glittery! Ohhh so cute! In the warm weather we’ve been having she has pretty much lived in these, and they look super comfy. They have Velcro straps and gold glitter adorns the front bar. They do them in pink also and I have already ordered a back up white pair in a size up and a pink pair because I’m obsessed with them. And everyone comments on them.



Geometric Print Plimsolls


These caught my eye because they are coral and pink and super cute, but mainly because they look so easy to put on! How lazy does that sound! Ha- parents get it! I have some lovely trainers from Zara for her but they a b**tard to get on and have loads of laces and buckles! Urgh. These just pull on. Fab! Stretchy and soft and rubber soled for grip. Very summery and breathable so great for sweaty feet kind of days. Nice. £15.99


Leather Sandals with Tassels


I have been waiting a year to buy these as I brought them last year, but I brought the wrong size and it was late July time and they would of fit her around November…so I returned them. Begrudgingly. I will add. So when I saw them again I HAD to get them! These are so cute and leather. They have coloured tassels and are comfy looking and just quite frankly- gorgeous! £22.99.


So that’s all for the summer toddler haul. A nice array of coral and tassels, watermelons and floral. And as I sit here editing this post while the rain pounds my car roof and thunder is shaking the house I realise all we need is for the sun to come back!


Lady Like Momma