Truly Tense Mom Moments

Truly Tense Mom Moments

As a new Mom, I know all about the scary moments that having a baby can bring. The car meltdowns that come out of nowhere while your driving on the motorway, the gut wrenching sound of a baby screaming due to an injury and those scary gag noises that occur while feeding them broccoli for the first time. All very scary.

But this blog post is focused on the TRULY tense moments that you encounter when you have a little one.

  • The 5 second wait for the ad to run on the YouTube video- Baby songs, while your baby screams the place down. Hurry up 5 little ducks! Hurry up!
  • Going for a (very) long overdue dog walk with the baby and pup only to feel the raindrops hit your head just as you realised you haven’t mastered the rain cover yet (its been 8 months), and have therefore not brought it with you. Sheltering under a tree it is then.
  • Spending far too much of your day on Pinterest and Instagram seeking inspiration for a beautifully displayed dinner creation for your little cherub. Only to create your masterpiece (which in your eyes is worthy of a Good Food Guide cover story) and have your little one take one look at the plate with a glint in their eye, and decide plate juggling practice is in need tonight. Bye bye fruit swan. Bye bye.
  • Sitting in the doctors reception on the edge of your seat, waiting for your little ones annual check up praying silently that baby does not choose now to fill their nappy with the giant poop (sorry TMI) (-who am I kidding, you’ve got kids right? TMI doesn’t exist!) that hasn’t happened yet today. Really would love to avoid the ever so helpful – “Oh your nappies full…. Mommy needs to change your bum bum doesn’t she.” Yeah. Those comments.
  • Watching your baby practice their hand eye coordination skills with your iPhone, while sitting in a highchair over your hardwood floor. Note to self- check phone insurance is still valid.
  • The moment the baby monitor makes that rustling (‘I’m waking up just as you start to enjoy the silence’)  type sound during naptime. Just 5 more minutes.
  • Deciding to dress your baby up to the nines in one of the cream and yellow outfits you have been saving for ‘best’ as you are having a nice family meal out. Only to witness your husband offering your little one a taste of baked beans. Bib-less. BIB-LESS. Hey ho (as you secretly cry inside) good job I love laundry. And baked bean stained laundry. Totally do. Its my fave….
  • Leaving the baby in the room with a family member or friend while you make a cuppa when they are at that stage that big milestones could happen anytime. You then here the high pitched yelling “Quick quick, she’s doing it, she doing it!!” and after your Usain Bolt style sprint to the lounge you discover baby waving to the dog. Just like she did yesterday, and the day before. Phew.


Motherhood is filled with many tense moments. But there all worth it.

Except for baked bean soaked laundry.


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