Twas the week before Christmas….mom style

Twas the week before Christmas and all across the land, not a Momma was resting, no Baileys in hand,

She’d hung up the stockings, and brought all the gifts. An even trekked to soft play in a deep snow drift.

Her house was adorned with twinkling lights and shit loads of mess, It was all starting to build into this great big stress.

She’s made a list and another fucking list and she hasn’t yet brought a turkey, she was spreading the joy with a smile on her face but she was feeling anything but perky.

Late nights wrapping and moving that damn elf, made her visit the shed and want to pick axe the shelf,

and she’s started to realise with much ease, that this Christmas time shiz really was no breeze.

So she started to think that some shits gotta give, before this momma starting to despise anything festive,

and today is the day that she says ‘no more fucking lists’ and the elf can just move an inch to the right, because this Momma, and all Mommas throughout the night,

need to know that it’s really ok to take a seat, to rest those legs and to rest your feet. To not try for perfect even though that’s the standards we want to meet.

Because Mommas you need to know, that at Christmas time and more, who those magic and joyful moments really are for,

yes for the kiddos and extended family too, but also dear Momma there for you.


It’s your Christmas too after all, and you really do deserve to enjoy it and to really have a ball.

So put down the lists and bows and choose not to dust right till dawn, sit down with The Holiday, cosy up with Jude, and stifle a yawn.

Do not forget it’ll soon be over, it’ll go by in a flash, so enjoy your festive time, heck have a girlie bash!


And remember that all through the land, Mommas were creating the joy, with busyness, and love and a maybe even with a toy,

and now those mommas need to enjoy the joy, it’s their Christmas times too, so sit down, relax, don’t do it all, and take some damn time for you.









Lady Like Momma







p.s. Its been a while! I know! x