My latest obsession- Joanie Clothing Jumpers. Plus size friendly. Slogan me up baby.



It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post (or any post at all lets be fair!) but these fabulous Joanie Clothing jumpers have stolen my heart (and my wallet) and I therefore feel compelled to write about them.

As a plus size woman its often (ok always lets be real) hard to find nice quality, ‘slogan’ jumpers. They tend to either say ‘IM FABULOUS’ in rhinestones or something equally delightfully 1990s or they have STUPID STUPID cut out shoulders. (Seriously it is snowing as I type this- and funnily enough I don’t want cold shoulders), but most annoyingly they tend not to be made to ‘hug the curves’. Often bell shaped in style which does nothing for a pear shaped woman like myself or they’ll be long enough for an average height woman to wear them as a dress. Well no. I want a jumper. Not one made from ‘rub me the wrong way and a static attack is imminent polyester’ – (I’m talking to you Boohoo), and I want to join in the fun of the skinnier gals in terms of logos. I yearn for a Whistles Le Weekend jumper or a Outlaw/ Who Run The World Lingua Franca Sweater in blue and navy stripe or the like, but alas one’s ass simply doesn’t allow for that. And that’s where Joanie Clothing comes in.

If you’ve not heard of Joanie Clothing then you must not be following Holly Willoughby’s Instagram (and if you’re not then you should, just for the fashion ideas alone!). Holly has been styled in a few Joanie Clothing jumpers- from the most sought after Ciao jumper that I am waiting patiently (Ok not patiently GIVE IT TO ME NOW!) wallet in hand to buy and the stunning Golden Girls number she rocked last year, looking every inch Jill Masterson from Goldfinger– blonde hair and golden jumper instead of paint.

My first dip of my toe into the Joanie Clothing brand was after seeing the amazing Emily Norris (YouTube speed cleaning goddess extraordinaire) rocking the Beauty School Drop Out Jumper and I knew I had to have it. Not that I have ever been to beauty school and no I’m not a diehard Grease fan but that’s not the point. I’m pretty sure half the people in the infamous Bella Freud 1970 jumper were born after 1990.

So I ordered one. And folks- FOLKS- let me tell you it is the nicest jumper I’ve probably ever owned. Soft, so soft but also not fluffy at all. Fab sleeve length and the slogan is embroidered on so it doesn’t show the signs of let’s say a Primark number where you dread to touch it with the iron as you fear you may lose the letter T and U. Great price point too and such great quality.

The fits are very flattering and long enough for my 5 foot 11 frame. I will be totally honest and say I wish it was a tad longer, but then I am on the lanky side and that’s my personal preference, but I still adore it.

They seem to be made for woman with shape, and to show off their shape. Which I adore.

I have also got the Maybe Baby? black knit and the Golden Girls sparkly number. Both of which I adore. I tend to wear them tucked into skirts, pencil or skater. Or long. When I find the ultimate pair of jeans from Long Tall Sally I shall also rock them with jeans.



The brand itself off course do dresses and skirts, t-shirts and shirts. I have now eyed up the Tigi Floral Print Midi Dress to add to my overflowing ‘wish list’. The orange dress of dreams- . Adore it.

Joanie Clothing is a brand for those of us who want feminine clothing with shape and style and slogans that are good enough for the queen that is Holly Willoughby.


BUT my fashion loving friends, the thing I love the most is that they showcase pretty much every single item on two or three models. One being slim and the other being curvy/plus sized. As a standard. NO plus size section with sub standard clothes, every item goes to a XL or 22. And is showcased on a curvier body. This to me make this site a site I visit regularly. To be able to look at a jumper or dress and see it on someone with a similar body to mine is gold dust.

Golden Girl Gold dust.



Well done Joanie Clothing. I thank you. My bank balance doesn’t 😛




Lady Like Momma




Christmas. You cant do it all.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks but I haven’t had time, made time that should say. What I have made time though is hanging outdoor Christmas lights in the frosty weather in my PJS and a hoody at 11.15pm at night all while the neighbours look on in horror. I’ve made time for a mammoth 4 hour wrapping session and nativity costumes being made from scratch because ‘that’s what we do’. I’ve made time for all that. And more.

So what’s this all about? This post? Well it’s about this week or these days. The week and days before Christmas. According to any Hallmark Christmas movie channel, it’s the week where we gladly bustle around village shops and take a break in cosy coffee shops and sup on frothy hot chocolate and watch the snow fall of an evening, while our children sit around the fire playing board games (not iPads people – board games!) and we would admire my Miracle on 34th street style decorations that are dust free and in perfect place.

Now what’s actually happening is that my daughter is watching YouTube videos of toys she wants being unboxed and played with on YouTube because you know why not when Christmas Day is less than a week away, but other than that it’s all a bit manic. Last minutes jobs, visiting everyone in your phone contacts and to boot my house is a shit hole. Laundry is piling up, I mean literally in piles on my bedroom floor. No joke. I haven’t brought a turkey yet and my plan to have prepared and pre baked my mince pies and shortbread has fallen short and Aldi Salted Caramel mince pies have been used instead (shame). I haven’t posted my neighbour cards yet and my house is still missing a few decs I’m pretty sure. 

Now I’m not going to write this blog and say ‘let it all go’ or ‘screw the turkey buying- get a Maccies on Christmas Day and throw some cranberry sauce on it and relax’ because 1- ewww and 2- that’s not what I want to do. 

I want to do it all.

I want to have the perfect tidy house. But not just tidy, I want to have organised kitchen cupboards so it’s easier on Christmas day. and because Pinterest tells me I should. I want to have my coat rack sorted so I’m not throwing coats onto the stairs on Christmas Day. I want to have festive movie nights as a family where we all watch Home Alome and the iPad isn’t blaring Fireman Sam along side it. I want to feel on top of it all. I want to feel like a flaming hybrid of Mary Berry/ Nigella Lawson/ Kirstie Allsopp and Mary Poppings. All with the glitter eyeliner that gleams to the stars ala Pixiwoo. 


This is when my shit should be together.

This is why I’ve been organised and planned out stuff so I’m on top of stuff. This is why I have 700 lists on the go throughout any day.

I want it all. I need to do it all. I want to do it all. I should do it all.

It’s Christmas.

I have to.


Expect you can’t. And you don’t.

Simple. As.


Every friend I talk to, realive I bump into is STRESSED TO SHIT. Whether they are organised people who’s homes never look out of place or whether they are always a bit late and have a home that’s always a tad out of shape. Whether  they are the mom of 1 or 5 or the mom who works full time or stays at home. Whether they are the mom who is cooking for 10 or the mom who is making donation runs to charities. 

They are all stressed. 

All these damn right wonderful women and stressed, and feeling it. 

And it’s because of the above.

The wanting to do it all. The feeling like you have to do it all.


And YES, of course they’re are things you have to do. You need to buy a turkey if your cooking a turkey, chances are you prob wanna Hoover before guests come round. You most prob gonna wrap gifts for folks. Yes course. Some of that stuff you gotta suck up and just do.


But you don’t need to do the extras. The total deep cleans, the car sort outs, the offering to dog sit when you can’t, the ‘I’m going to bake 100 mince pies for the festive season because that’s what my Nan used to do’ ideas, the extra visits to Santa, the cupboard organising, delivering your neighbours gifts as their busy. You don’t need to do those things. 

There has to be a cut off. A line. Sure have a list of things you HAVE to do. But that’s it….

  • buy turkey
  • Wrap last gifts
  • Visit grandparents
  • Collect cake



But this list then cannot continue. I’m realising that isn’t the time of year to add more on. It’s the time to take stuff off. 

Ease the load.

It’s so damn busy. And most of it is fun busy yes, but still busy. And busy with toddlers is anyone’s CRAZY busy. Make it easier on yourself Mommas. 

Accept you’ll have a dumping ground room/ garage/ cupboard/ wardrobe for December.

Accept you’ll buy mince pies instead of baking into the early hours.

Accept that it’s ok to loop PJ Masks instead of forcing your child to watch Elf so you can just get shit done. Or heck so you can sit down.

Accept it all.

Let go a bit. Just a bit. 

Of course do what makes you happy and calm but don’t add to it, don’t weigh yourself down at this time of year.


And don’t ever forget it’s your Christmas too. Your time to relax, feel festive and have a good time. Yes it’s never going to be as relaxing if your the person who cooks or if your not a child etc, but you deserve moments to feel the Christmas vibes.

Decide a few things you really want to do. For you. Not for your house or your kids or your 18 members of family your cooking for. For you. 

Fit them in. Or half of them. Or 1 of them. Take off some tasks that, in the grand scheme of Christmas don’t really matter. No ones gonna think Christmas sucked because mom didn’t organise the coat rack. (And if they do then they can eat their Turkey in the garden!!) but you get my drift. 


Since before December these are a few of the things I really wanted to do, for me-

  • watch the top 5 Christmas films
  • Go to a few national trust houses as a family to look at some trees and decs
  • Try out some festive green glittery eye shadow looks
  • Write this damn blog post
  • Have a meal with friends
  • Watch Gavin & Stacey with my husband
  • Put my feet up and enjoy some quiet time reading my many festive books about village Christmasses (I have issues as I have an abundance of these books!)

And it continues… 

and sadly I haven’t done a lot of them. But I have done lots of other things that, yes I am glad I’ve done now but the things I’ve listed above are what make Christmas Christmas for me, and a lovely Christmas at that for me.

And folks, if that’s like it for you too, those are the things you should do.

And after I’ve hoovered tomorrow and brought our turkey and spuds then that is what I plan to do. 


Join me. Ease your loud. Don’t add to your list, in fact take stuff off. Enjoy your Christmas. It’s your Christmas too. The coat rack can wait.






Lady Like Momma




Twas the week before Christmas….mom style

Twas the week before Christmas and all across the land, not a Momma was resting, no Baileys in hand,

She’d hung up the stockings, and brought all the gifts. An even trekked to soft play in a deep snow drift.

Her house was adorned with twinkling lights and shit loads of mess, It was all starting to build into this great big stress.

She’s made a list and another fucking list and she hasn’t yet brought a turkey, she was spreading the joy with a smile on her face but she was feeling anything but perky.

Late nights wrapping and moving that damn elf, made her visit the shed and want to pick axe the shelf,

and she’s started to realise with much ease, that this Christmas time shiz really was no breeze.

So she started to think that some shits gotta give, before this momma starting to despise anything festive,

and today is the day that she says ‘no more fucking lists’ and the elf can just move an inch to the right, because this Momma, and all Mommas throughout the night,

need to know that it’s really ok to take a seat, to rest those legs and to rest your feet. To not try for perfect even though that’s the standards we want to meet.

Because Mommas you need to know, that at Christmas time and more, who those magic and joyful moments really are for,

yes for the kiddos and extended family too, but also dear Momma there for you.


It’s your Christmas too after all, and you really do deserve to enjoy it and to really have a ball.

So put down the lists and bows and choose not to dust right till dawn, sit down with The Holiday, cosy up with Jude, and stifle a yawn.

Do not forget it’ll soon be over, it’ll go by in a flash, so enjoy your festive time, heck have a girlie bash!


And remember that all through the land, Mommas were creating the joy, with busyness, and love and a maybe even with a toy,

and now those mommas need to enjoy the joy, it’s their Christmas times too, so sit down, relax, don’t do it all, and take some damn time for you.









Lady Like Momma







p.s. Its been a while! I know! x


To Unite and Write – #solidaritea

To Unite and Write – #solidaritea


Yesterday will officially now be known as the day the mom tribe hit it out of the park. And the day that a simple fish finger dinner became an Instagram trend.

A particularly offensive and unnecessary article was written by someone for the now named Daily Fail, and well it blew up the internet. #hashtags were created (#solidaritea) and the Motherhood force stood by the targeted ladies in the article.

It focused on the new ish wave of Mommy Bloggers (The Unmumsy Mum, Hurrah For Gin, Scummy Mummies, Clemmie_telford, Steph_dontbuyherflowers were the ladies mentioned) and how a lot of it is apparently just being a shit parent. ( I paraphrase – she didn’t say that but that’s what she implied and quite clearly meant!). The article seemed to clearly misunderstand the humour in these blogs and books, and more upsettingly missed the whole DAMN POINT.

It seemed to miss the fact that this type of new open dialogue within Motherhood groups/online forums/ mother books/ mom bloggers is a fantastic thing as it helps to dissolve this stiff upper lip shit we are often presented with when it comes to parenting and motherhood. The whole ‘lets only talk about the good’ and to do it while wearing white company cashmere robes while our toddlers snack on kale. That shit.

These women help us Moms be able to have open and honest chats with our friends, families (the post man if you’re really in need of fault conversation that day) about what’s on our minds, what’s tough, what were struggling with, what’s shit. It allows us to say ‘Christ today’s been rough’ , without this huge fear that we then have to say ‘but wouldnt change it for the world’. We can do all these things while still in the knowledge that we love our kids more than life itself and more than fish fingers (if you’ve read said article you will get the reference…if you haven’t then just continue to think I’m a loon/food obsessed…).

It helps lighten the stigma with new and old hat moms with mental health and lets us be fucking real. And very importantly – it’s just damn entertaining. Because its true. Its like when you watch Peter Kay’s stand up show from years ago and he talks about old folk wanting to get home and get curtains drawn (your imagining the accent- I know you are)- it’s so funny because it’s true. And that’s what these brilliant Authors/blogger/comedians do! Entertain. Brighten our days when it’s been full of shite (like literal shit everywhere) and tantrums in garden centres. And I, and every other mother in the trenches of it, bloody love them for it.

Well enough of that- I just wanted to express my anger at the article and joy at what came out of it. It’s made me feel even more a part of a great club that is motherhood. It’s made me think we do need to unite more and more and more. Because lets be fair- there’s enough people out there who will judge us. So let’s unite, chat and share together.


And for me that means lets write. So that’s what I’m going to do. Write about my thoughts and feelings on the whole motherhood thing and more. Share my thoughts and likes and ideas. And just damn well get on with it.


Have a fabulously slummy evening.


Dinosaurs are organic right??



Lady Like Momma




L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks – Review & Fresh Lip Look

Loreal Color Riche Matte Review and a Fresh Look

There are many trends I’m over (like sooo over..!!) now from cold shoulder tops (go away) to plus size slogan tshirts.

Another one I’ve never really been into is the liquid lipstick trend that the world is obsessed with. I personally can’t see the issue with reapplying your lippie every few hours. I’ve tried a few, don’t get me wrong. But I wasn’t sold on the whole flaky, lizard esque lip it gives you or the fact it’s sooo matte.

Now I’m not against a matte lip, I do personally prefer the more glossy/ moisture filled lippies. The likes of Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Kate Moss for Rimmel being some of my faves, but I can see the appeal of a slightly more matte/ less gloss based lip. There is more staying power and that ‘wind blows and all of a sudden your hair is stuck to your lip’ thing isn’t going to be as much of an issue.

I love the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (semi matte), I have a few of the Charlotte Tilbury matte lippies and the Estée Lauder Kendal Jenner lippie in Restless is matte and I lurves it! So I’d do get it. But the whole complete matte, doesn’t budge, sometimes over lined, ‘perfect’ pout we see everywhere isn’t for me. And it doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I’m a Mom of 1, a stay at home Mom and taking 5 minutes to get my liquid lippie on isn’t feasible.

So that being said- I’ve kinda fallen in love with a new matte lip. And these new Loreal matte lipsticks. Now I’m not pretending to have created this look myself. I wish! No- this has been around for a while.

The soft matte blurred lip.            

Catchy – no?

Think Bridget Jones lips in the latest film. All natural and blurred looking. Kissable you could say. Well the look I’ve been loving is this with the inclusion of brighter colours. Berries, Red, Oranges etc. 

L’Oréal lipsticks are fab, I think most us lippie lovers know that. But these L’Oréal Color Riche Matte lipsticks are up there with the big players. The Lauder’s and Bobbi’s, Mac’s and Tilbury’s.

A fabulous collection of shades. I have 3 and love them all. Below are pictures of the colours I have.

241- Pink-A-Porter
227- Hype
104- Strike A Rose

The staying power is great. They almost stain your lips with the colour. I take my lipstick off to eat (lipstick on bread = issues for me #weird) and when I go to re-apply, quite often with these lippies I still have some colour on my lips. A tint almost.

Even after a super casual hand kiss there is still colour on my lips!

They also are not drying. I always apply a lip balm/ Eight Hour type product before a matte lippie and I do with these too, and they do not dry/ flake/ crust your lips at all. 

The look is semi matte, almost a natural matte lip even though the colours are bright.

The texture feels velvety but smooth still.


The way I’ve applied it to create this pouty softer look is to apply without a liner, or if a liner is wanted or needed- I use it after I’ve applied the lippie and you need to use and exact match to the lip colour your applying. – But most of the time I’ve not used a liner.

I then very softly pat my lips on the edge to soften the edge a tad. Or I gently dab them with a tissue to create this ‘my lips look like this all the time’ or ‘my lips woke up like this’ type of look.


With the boulder colours it gives a fresh take on a bold lip. A softer bold lip. Now I’m the girl who will happily, and with joy, rock the bold red glossy lip linerered lip to rock up to a soft play playdate. Think the women in the Robert Plant Addicted to Love video knee deep in a rubber foam jungle and ball pit balls. Now there’s an image. But this is a nice change. It’s less high maintenance than a full on bright lip and I don’t feel like I need to ‘check up’ on my lips as often. (Yes I check up on my lips- let’s not talk about it.)

It’s a great way for someone to wear a bold lip who doesn’t usually or someone who doesn’t know where to start. These L’Oréal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks you can’t go wrong with. 

Staying power, easy application, bargain price (hello 3 for 2) and lovely colour choice. Total lippie win.


Lady Like Momma


(Can we talk about how odd it feels to write Color instead of Colour…..UK blogger here. Just following the packaging 😛  )


Mothers Day without Mom. Nearly 1 year on.


Mothers Day without Mom. Nearly 1 year on.


This is something I don’t want to write but equally cannot stop thinking about writing. It feels like its something that I should say, something I should put to paper, a document of my feelings at this time or something like that.

As the title says this is Mothers Day without my Mom. My first Mothers Day without her. Its also happens that this year Mothers Day falls the day before the 1 year anniversary of her death. Great timing 2017.

I feel a bit strange about it all, part of me wants to run away from it all and just pay no thought to it, even though as a Mom myself that isn’t possible as its Mothers Day for me too. Yet the other part of me wants to write this, take a moment to say a prayer, a poem, just speak to her, to embrace how much I miss her. That’s what grief does I think, around these monumental moments- Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc- it makes you stop in your tracks and realise that fuck, this is really hard.

I go day to day living my life and enjoying life. Being a Mom and a wife, a friend, niece, a dog owner. I live my life and get on with it. Yes there are sad moments, a song on the radio, looking a picture- the usual suspects. But on the whole you function, well I try to. Lets call it functioning grief. Like functioning anxiety I suppose but with grief. You still feel the pain and sadness all the time, but you live life and you are happy with so many things in your life.

When people talke to me about how I’m feeling around the subject I, 9 times out of 10, hold in my true thoughts and feelings. The wanting to scream at the world that your broken and deeply sad, the wanting to burst out crying at the sound of your lost ones name being said. I hold it in, and I think a lot of people do. Because grief isn’t a sadness like when you have a bad day, you know the days where everything goes wrong and you just want to go home and have a bath and a bar of Galaxy and then you’ll feel 100% better. No grief is a awe consuming- ‘this shit doesn’t go away’ type feeling. Because that person isn’t coming back. So as crazy as it may sound, sometimes holding it in, sucking it up almost, blinking away tears, is sometimes a protection for yourself. Protecting yourself from making that day all about tears as you know that tomorrow that same feeling of sadness and grief will be there.


But back to Mothers Day. Its all around us isn’t it? Its hard for me to hate the sight of displays of mothers day presents and cards and balloons and roses lining the isles of every shop I enter, or equally depicted in every company email I get, because I am the seasons/event girl. I love all that tat, the stuff, the cliché ‘consumerism based stuff’ we should hate – I love it. Life;s too short not to enjoy and celebrate the little things. I’ve always thought that. So for me now to internally flip off the display of Mothers Day teddy bears is a weird feeling. But quite honestly, its crushing to see. Crushing for me as a daughter who would spoil my Mom (quite rightly) on mothers day and crushing for me a mother as I yearn to be buying that cute teddy for our daughter to give my Mom on Mothers Day. But it will come around every year so you just have to zone out, at least that’s what I try to do. I shall buy a card or write something, maybe make a card for her with our daughter, yet I know that will be tough.

For the day we will be away, a purpose planned trip of distraction and family adventures. I’m hoping for the day to be just about me, as bad as that sounds. I want to focus on our gorgeous little lady and how she’s now more aware of gifts and love for people. For me- her Momma. I know there will be sadness in there, and no doubt a lot of it- but it’s just something you have to push through.


The anniversary of her death (I hate to write that, fucking hate it.) will be tough too. Its a day that will bring back memories of that day, a day that shocked us all. A day that I would never ever want to live again or wish on my worst enemy. It’s so hard to even remember it and to even comtemplate that it was a year ago. As I type this I can barely see the screen through tears but push on I will. I am going to try not to think of that day, but instead to think of her, and us. Distraction will be my friend that day.


I wanted to finish this by saying what I miss about my Mom apart from every. damn. thing.

Its funny as you think you will miss the big occasions and the holidays and grand things the most but you really don’t. You miss the silly things. The shopping sessions and the late night chats on my couch. The way she lit up when she saw our daughter. Hearing our daughter say Nana. I miss being able to send her pictures of things I have brought and going around ikea with her. I miss her being by my side. me holding her arm. I miss sending her photos of our daughter looking cute. I miss introducing her to new shows and our excitement at the start of a new series of our fave shows (House of DVF ey Mom?!). I miss her laugh and her endless positivity towards me. I miss talking to her about make up and candles and the mundane shit that means nothing in the grand scheme of it but equally talking to her about it means and meant the world me. I miss buying her things. I miss the chats I use to see her having with my husband, her son in law. I miss her sewing alteration skills and how she could turn a £2 bunch of flowers into something that should be in the lobby of a posh London hotel. I miss her kindness, her sweet heart and I just miss her.


This is so hard to write because even after nearly year I am so deeply broken. A part of me knows I will always be broken. I know she is a part of me and I am a part of her and I know she’s watching down on me. I know she hears me and I talk to her a lot. I know shes in my dreams regularly and I know she will always be my Mom. I know all that. I really do.

I’m just so sad.


But I don’t want to end on that. I want to tell the world that when you hear people say ‘hug your parents’, ‘spoil your mom’ or ‘cherish them’- its true, but you cant really live like that, purposely trying to make every moment special. But what I want to say is just make memories. Even the tiny moments, the insignificant at the time type things are memories to cherish. Also don’t wait. Don’t wait to tell that person you love them, to take them on special day out, give them the gift..I recently found a flower pot made by my daughter and I (ok mainly me) that was for my Mom for Easter last year as she loved flowers deeply, she was an amazing Florist, but you cannot take flowers into hospital anymore. So we made this fake flower thing to give to her, and I saved it to give it her on Easter from us both, but she very sadly passed away on Easter Sunday last year. So don’t wait to do those special things, not for any other reason than it will bring a smile to all.


A Memory to end on- Do you remember this Mom?

We were at the church putting flowers on my Nan and Grandads grave and we were walking up the path and a bee or a wasp, think it was a bee, started to harras me. Now I’ve never been stung by a bee (dragonfly yes- bee/wasp -no.) so I was dancing around and you were flapping it away and it went. Yes- It went down my dress. So this bee is flying around my stomach and I decide to lift my dress in broad daylight up to my neck to get this bee out. Because you know its a bee! Only for a group of older men and women (I should mention this church is in a rather hooty area) to trot around the corner at that moment, causing me to quickly yank my dress down and compose myself while they chatted to Mom and me. All while knowing they saw my tights and spanx pants- ala Bridget Jones…. I always remember how funny it was and how much of a ‘it only happens to me’ type moment it was.

A little moment not to be forgeotten ey Mom….


Mom- Every moment with you meant and means the world to me. Always in my heart. Happy Mothers Day. Miss you beyond words. Love you millions.






Millions XXXXXX


Bolding the brave. Like a Mom. #shakylegs

Bolding the brave. Like a mom. #shakylegs

As a stay at home Mom it’s obvious to say that a lot of my time is spent with our daughter. A lot of that time is at home, or doing general errands. There are days out here and there, quite a few to be honest and holidays too.

The adventures we have are mainly family based and wonderful and are some of my favourite things to do. Even if that is sometimes wrangling an over tired toddler through a ancient National Trust property and taking it in turns with my husband to ‘look at stuff’, all in the vain hope that the day ends with a cream tea. I honestly love those days. Family days. It feels fun, it’s feels warm, it feels great.

Before kids, heck before boyfriends/husbands- I was a loner. Now not in the sense of not having mates and going out, heck I did that a lot. No- I mean I loved my own company. (Keep it clean folks! Dirty beggars) I loved nothing more than to put in my ear phones, blast some tunes and strut around a new town just mooching. I went on mini breaks on my own and loved every minute. Nothing fazed me. Not trains, buses (former none driver until I was 25 here) nope, I was always up for a bit of an adventure. Loved it. 

I was also the woman who never rushed to be in a relationship because she felt scared to be alone. In fact I loved time alone. I was always the woman who was never scared of standing out. Holding my head up high. Some may even say strut. Carrie Bradshaw wannabe through and through. 

Now roll it forward to now, as I sit on a train on a mini adventure that is not really an adventure but feels it, writing this – legs shaking a tad, feeling a teeny bit unsure of things- and I’m wondering what happened to me? To this former confident loner. Well obviously I had a baby, that’s the big one.

But what happened to my confidence? Now don’t get the impression I am a retiring violet who has no confidence, I am far from that. Externally. Well internally too. But something’s definitely changed in the last few years. Things that are really not that big of a deal feel like a big deal. Not enough to stop me doing things, but enough to give me this butterfly/shaky leg feeling.

What I put it down to is this not feeling familiar anymore. The adventures and alone time used to be the norm. Whether it was catching the bus to work or going away to London for a weekend on my own. It was what I did a lot. 

Now my time is never really my own. And I don’t mean that in a ‘oh poor me’ type way. As obviously I wouldn’t change it for the world (don’t you hate that we HAVE to say that whenever we say anything that may have people perceive otherwise?)- but I wouldn’t. But when you have a child, your time and mind is with your kiddo most of the time. I’m a SAHM (HATE that phrase!!) so I am with our daughter for most of my time. I do get time alone, off course, my hubby is brilliant- but I don’t really do the ‘adventure’ stuff. 

I’m realising now I’m calling going into Birmingham to an event on my own an ‘adventure’ which let’s be fair it isn’t a trek around Nepal is it. But you get my drift. 

So- like I said- this isn’t the norm for me anymore. I used to get trains and buses to work and now I don’t work. I don’t do this anymore. I don’t put my earphones in and walk around with gusto anymore. Everything I tend to do is a bit more closer to home or done as a family.

And it makes me nervous. Not because I’m scared or can’t fathom how to find my train etc- but nervous that I have lost a part of myself that used to make up a large part of who I was. And I know motherhood does that (again- wouldn’t change – you get it.) but it scares me to think this side of me that used to feel so right to me, is now making me leg shaky and anxious. Crazy huh.

So what am I to do? Tell my hubby I’m off to London for a week alone to ‘find myself’? Erm nope. Put my earphones in for our weekly Lidl shop and strut around like the child free person I was all while my toddler sits in the trolley (not on the seat- IN the trolley) and stomps on our bread and tomatoes? Again – No.

So what?

Accept this is who I am for the moment? This person with the shaky legs and funny feeling in her tummy is what being a mother has made me in certain situations.

Well my dear blog readers- I choose no. No to that shit. 

Yes I am a Mom. Yes my time is spent different but this Momma needs some adventure. Something to make me feel a touch of that old me. Because I want my daughter to see me, know me – all of me and aspire to have the same adventures I did. To live. I want her to know alone time is ok, fantastic even. I want her to hold her head up high and hell I want her to strut.

I want her to know the Woman who made me the Mom I am today. The woman who feels great when she’s alone and the Mom who loves family times. I want her to know, and learn from all of me. The whole shebang!

So I’m taking trips. Like today. Like in a few weeks when I’m going to London for the afternoon/evening for a Q&A for Giovanna Fletcher and The Unmumsy Mum (can’t bloody wait!) alone. Like planning nights out with friends where we stay overnight. Like reminding myself I need some hours a week, every week preferably alone. 

Even if that is to strut around Lidl.

I need to force myself away from the nervous me and get a inch, just an inch of the me who loves to be alone, who loves adventures back. 

And I’m gonna do it. Brave those shaky legs an all’

Could this be any more perfect? Nope!


Lady Like Momma



The Ultimate Eye Cream. Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Cream – Review.

The Ultimate Eye Cream. Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Eye Cream – Review


A year or so ago I noticed that I was showing what were the signs of ageing under my eyes. How damn rude was my first thought, seeing as I thought I was going to be one of these lucky buggers who’s face never gained a line or crease. Nope, it was happening folks. I was cough getting older.

Now don’t get the opinion of  me that I am one of these folks who wants to run straight to the needle at the sign of a line (no judgment for those who do), but I am not one of them. I honestly see ageing as a beautiful thing. Face tells a story an all. Thinking of celebs who haven’t had any work done- Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep, Salma Hayek- they are more beautiful to me than those who are mid 40s yet look 22.

I remember hearing Caroline Hirons (all hail Caroline Hirons btw, Queen B- nah Queen Hirons to me) saying that ageing was a luxury not everyone was granted. Or something along those lines. And by Jo- it stuck with me. And it’s so true. – So no, I wasn’t crying into a newly purchased silk cushion cover at the signs of fine lines under my eyes, no. What I was crying about (well not really crying but it flows so let’s go with it!) was the fact my under eye concealer was settling in said lines. Now this, my beauty loving friends, wasn’t good. As a Mom of 1 very busy toddler and being the serial late nighter than I am, I NEEDED my under eye area to look, in the least- bright.

And while I could deal with looking my AGE and AWAKE, I could not deal with looking my AGE and not awake (ie- knackered!) because every damn concealor I tested caked/creased/disappeared and generally looked like shit under my eyes.


So being the ‘make up can fix all type gal’ I am (or was), I went on the hunt for a new concealer. I was currently using Touch Éclat and Rimmel Wake me Up. Both fab concealers. Well dear readers- I probably brought 20. No joke, my bank balance will vouge for me. From Bobbi Brown to Maybelline, Estee Lauder to Collection 2000 (I’m old school- it’ll always be Collection 2000 to me). I tried an abundance of them. Serum based ones, brighteners, powder based, two tones, creams, sticks and different applicators.

But my under eye lines were still ruining my ‘I’ve had 10 hours sleep and I chose to wake at 6am for Yoga’ look I wanted to portray. Ok I would of been happy with ‘I’m a Stay at home Mom of 1 and I have got my shit together, at least today’ type of look’.


So I decided it was time to try a treatment instead of a cover up.


Now you think someone who worked in the beauty industry for many years, selling and preaching the old ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and ‘treat what’s underneath well and everything will go on better’would of been using an eye cream for years. Erm no. Can’t quite decide on why that is. .Maybe I thought the fountain of Youth was shining down on just me, but let’s just say I never bothered. Or I did bother but gave up applying regularly after a week or so. Lazy cow.

So…. I headed to the beauty hall and naturally graduated to my favourite counter of the moment – Bobbi Brown. (Having never had a Bobbi Brown close to me I get tres excited that it is now in close shopping distance for me and therefore throw my cash at the ever so lovely ladies on there whenever I go past.)

So- I spoke to someone about my under eye woes and she directed me in the way of what she described as her ‘ultimate fave skin care product’ the Bobbi Brown Eye Repair Cream. Now it doesn’t take much to sell to me If I have something in my mind that I want, so let’s just say I was sold straight away.

Now let me just say that I am a total makeup junkie. Skincare has never been my ‘bag’. I always liked the instant effect makeup has over the ‘over time’ type effect skincare has. Which I know, is ridiculous. And you’ll be happy to know that I now think VERY different. (Excited about cleansers and oils- me? Yup! #iblamecarolinehirons).


So it’s safe to say that with this rather daft pretence in my head I wasn’t really expecting to notice any changes instantly. And I’ll be honest with you dear eye cream enthusiasts- there was minimal changes instantly.

Yes my eye cream felt instantly hydrated and brighter.

I put this down to the texture of this eye cream being a very creamy and luxurious when it goes ona little goes a long way.



But what about after a month/ 2 months/ 6 months?

Well let’s just say I now use my original concealers (and the drawer full I amassed in my hunt for a solution) every day and have not, not one single day, had anything settle in any lines. In fact my under eye lines seem to be not so present.


Now my dear reader, I am not a scientific type person so I have attached the following from the Bobbi Brown website-

This rich, concentrated cream visibly revives the appearance of eyes—so you look extra well rested. One of Bobbi’s best-sellers, this formula with peptides, natural plant oils, and humectants targets the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dryness.

Formulated with Bobbi’s Extra Repair Complex—a combination of clary sage ferment and argireline®—to target the appearance of skin ageing on two levels: by helping support skin’s natural collagen and by supporting the skin’s protective moisture barrier.


But in my words I will say this-

I use this morning and night. Every day.

Within a month I could see a line reduction, it wasn’t a ‘WOAH I look 21 type moment’, no, more of a look in the mirror after a month or so and thought ‘Oh- I haven’t noticed my fine lines as much, or at all’.

It feels divine on the skin, and is 100% ok on my super (and I mean truly super) sensitive eyes.

I have used this for over a year and it has reduced the appearance of fine lines greatly.

I am 30 years fabulous (yes I wrote that) and I didn’t have deep set lines but definite fine lines under my eyes. They are now less visible. Need I say more?


One completely used pot and one newbie!
A firm staple in my skin routine.



Ok you want more…

I have purchased two of these in just over a 12 month period and I have only just started using the second one. And again- for me to re-purchase a skin care item the day the one ran out, is a true testament to how good it is.

It feels very hydrating and is particularly soothing on my eye area, especially when a reaction occurs. I am allergic to animals/dust/pollen/lots of products/glitter (should I live in a bubble?!) and it is very soothing.

It has lessened creases and puffiness and it has made my eyes less puffy upon waking.


It is £46 and can be found on the Bobbi Brown website here.

There is a bargain set at the moment (which I have brought and LOVE the products in it- oil smells divine!) with the full size eye cream worth £46, a full size Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm (full size 50 ml which costs £66) and Extra Face Oil (10ml size worth £14.67) for £79 with a total worth of £126.67. Saving over £47! Bargain city!! Limited edition- found here.

AND If you sign up to the Bobbi Brown website as a new customer you receive 15% OFF orders over £50 taking this set to £67! *faints*



So I am sharing this with you, as I do all my friends and family-


Need help with your under eye area? Fine lines doing your head in? Want to look more awake? Then try this amazing eye cream and you will be as much in love with it as I am.


Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream. You rock.




Lady Like Momma




Lack of Motivation. Or something.

Lack of motivation


Things have been a tad quiet on this blog for the past month or so. I could put it down to busy weeks passing me by or the fact that I blogged / Youtube’d a lot before Christmas, but that would be a lie. Basically I have had zero motivation. Or something. I say ‘or something’ because there has been moments of motivation here and there as I’ve had crazy 15 minute moments of creativity and I have a phone full of half written blog posts and pictures to edit. So in part I have wanted to blog. I’ve wanted to share, to create.

But I’ve just not found the follow through. The drive. I have found myself in a slight writers block type situation and its been driving me crackers. Writing is one of my joys and pressing PUBLISH on a blog post brings me much happiness and satisfaction.

I’ve had no ‘get up and go’ in finishing all the little things I’ve started or ideas I’ve had/got. I think it was in part a touch of the after Christmas/ Jan Blues. As cliche as that is.

Also I think I have let myself get a bit overloaded with people who I admire, writers, bloggers, Youtubers etc,  who are doing it all and smashing it and I have kind of thought ‘uhhhh- why am I bothering?’ – Which is a very silly and negative mindset to have. Because I obviously do this because I like it as It’s a lot of work and quite frankly you’d have to like it to do it.

Another part of me thinks its the looming dates that I have coming up that are rather depressingly dangling in the back of my mind. The first being my dear Moms birthday next week and the second the 1 year anniversary of her death. The other day I was shopping for a Valentines card for my husband and turned around in the shop to be faced by what felt like an entire wall, an army almost, of Birthday Cards for Moms. It literatly felt like I was surrounded but I couldnt look away. I chose to read some and try and find one. Obviously this led to me being the person in Clintons with the watery eyes so I took my attention back to Valentines day and all its very welcomed ‘heart and pink fluff glory’ to distract myself.

I think the fact these date are coming up are playing on my mind and there isnt anything I can do to change that, and neither would I want to. It feels, in part like when you have a test coming up or an interview that you are dreading- but far worse.

And I know I will feel just as sad after these date have passed. It’s a very bizarre feeling grief. You have these immense moments of missing someone and such deep sadness that is so awful, and then its followed, usually immediately, by this feeling of emptiness – because unlike sadness over a breakup or a stressful time in life- There is no cure. No thoughts of ‘well you can meet someone else’ or tomorrow be better’. No. There is this realization that the person you are sad for is gone and you cannot, even though you may wish it with all your heart, you cannot get them back. So It’s sadness and sorrow and then emptiness. And the emptiness is terrible. Truly.

Ive also been a bit of an overthinker in terms of what to write. Getting annoyed when I couldnt find a whitty pun to write about an eye cream I want to write about, or annoyed when I saw that someone had beat me to a video idea. And all that has to stop. Because not only is Comparison the Thief of Joy  (never a truer word spoken) but I just need to crack on. Crack on and just write! Perfection is under rated I’m sure anyway.

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this, but It’s simply to say my motivation has been lacking or gone.  My minds been, and still is, elsewhere. But today I’ve decided to pretty much force myself to start to write. And Ive enjoyed it. I’m hoping in posting this it may help clear out a few blogger cobwebs so to speak. Get the ball rolling…

So I’m going to force myself daily to do something, anything within this realm of my blog and Youtube. And hopefully day by day my will, will return.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Your soon to be back in the swing of it blogger

Lady Like Momma






New Year. New Me?

New Year….New Me?

2017…crikey that came round quick didn’t it? Wasn’t the Millennium like 6 years ago..? I’m pretty sure we all say that every year, but this new year it feels very accurate. 

2016 was a pretty shit year for me and my family. We lost my dear dear Mom and I cannot quite convey how much effect that has had on me and my family. It’s tough, very tough.

So yeah, 2016 was a shit shit SHIT year….but it did also had good moments.

I think when you have a child it’s hard to say that a whole year was rubbish because so many amazing moments and milestones have happened and much laughter and love happened, even during the saddest moments. So I’m choosing not to use the phrase “so long 2016- you suck ass/ so long crappy 2016 etc etc” -because as anyone who’s lost anyone will tell you, whether the year the loss happened has passed or not, it really makes jack shit of a difference. That person, that member of your family, that person in your life, is no longer with you- regardless of whether the New Year has arrived. And quite frankly, the year having a different number on the end isn’t going to make that any easier to deal with.

So after that uplifting and upbeat intro the this post you may ask what New Year is going to bring for me, my family and life….

I am trying to be really careful about not setting too many and too unrealistic New Years resolutions because that never works for me, even though I do it every year. I usually make a list of about 28 New Years resolutions and changes I want to make and end up doing- yup you guessed it- zero of them.

So this year I have a few, simple resolutions I want to achieve. Ranging from the usual lose weight/get fit number to organising the house room by room and decluttering the loft and to try and get more sleep (serial late nighter here!).

The two I wanted to talk about a bit more are the following-

Time for me.

Now by this I don’t mean taking time to have a fancy bubble bath or get my nails done, even though they are all things I would like to do more! I’m thinking more on the lines of taking time to just be. And by that I mean not taking on too much. Not accepting too many social invitations and planning and actually spending more time in the house every week and making time to spend on my blog and YouTube channel. All things I want to do and have the luxury to do, yet in the last year or so I haven’t made it a priority. Which essentially means I haven’t made myself a priority, which is a tad sad. 

This doesn’t just stem to my blog/YouTube this stems to everything in life. I am a pleaser in life, always up for catching up, helping folk, going on days out and I love that, and shall to continue to do so…just not as much. I will no longer schedule to meet someone on the Monday I have to food shop and clean the house from top to bottom all with a toddler in tow. Because it’s too much, and stressful and I don’t need to do that. And it means I have super busy stressful days, which yes I know will happen from time to time- but why should I plan them to happen? 

I want time for me in our home, time to just do nothing, or to do everything. I just want time.

Family Adventures.

We already do quite a bit of this but I want to do more. And make them more impromptu, well as impromptu as you can be with a toddler and a dog! We have a National Trust membership that we use quite a bit but not enough as I’d like. And without sound ing all wishy washy here- we recently went to a National Trust place to see Santa. And while wondering around I said to my husband- “we need to do this more…these places are my happy place“. And I meant it. Something about the striking buildings and cosy cafes, rolling hills and never knowing what’s going to be in each room that is magical. And tranquil. There’s something wonderful about thinking about and seeing snippets of how life used to be. 

And we need to do it more. 

Tying in more overnight stays so we can visits more National Trust places far and wide. 

I also want to stay in a country cottage or lodge. Someone where deep in the countryside with nothing much else to do that walk to the local pub and eat pie and chips and meander round cute village shops. A log fire would make a nice addition too. 

Oh and a seaside break. Because quite literally the sea soothes my soul.

And I am determined to do them. 

I won’t bore you with my other, equally important resolutions as I am unsure yet how I’m going to implement my new healthy lifestyle next week, when we still have a fridge full of cheese, and all the strawberry and orange quality streets left.

What I will say is this-

Have a great New Year. Not just the celebrations of the night/day. 

Have a great 2017. 

Do what makes you happy and the boring stuff you have to do, find ways to make it easier. Or more fun. Cherish the time with the ones you love and take time for you.

This year, is going to be as tough as 2016 for me, I know that. But what I hope, is that it will be clearer. It has to be. 

I will start the year knowing what I want to achieve, and what I want to do to make me happy. 

And that is a good place to be in come 12.01am on January the 1st. 

I’ll raise a Diet Coke to that.


Lady Like Momma